Friday, April 23, 2010

emo post

Today was one of those days where it really hit me that we were moving. I guess with the weather getting nicer and my energy back up to normal I feel sad to be leaving. My day started off with a photo shoot with a friend I don't see that often and it was just one of those things were I felt sad to be leaving, like I wanted to hang out with her more.

Then I met up with two other girlfriends for lunch at this awesome new meatball shop in the lower east side. I was sitting there in the window talking with my friends and just thinking how much I am going to miss this and them. I've been lucky to meet some amazing people here and I guess I'm having a harder time than I thought thinking about leaving. During the winter the last thing I wanted to do was stay but now that I can actually go out I don't want to leave. I do have some great friends in California and I am so lucky for that but its hard to think of that when I'm here. NY is a different life and one that I've really come to enjoy. I just need to think of the winter when its snowing and I have a newborn screaming and I'm trapped in a shoe box of an apartment.

Our friend Jacques can't wait to buy this for our kid. Pretty damn funny.....

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