Sunday, April 25, 2010

soccer player

I was told the critter would start kicking at 16 weeks. So around that time I felt super tiny little taps but it was like 2 taps then nothing for days so I never really got too excited cause it was so light. About a week ago I was on the train going to dinner to meet my cousins. I was feeling good, even had on some heels, and listening to some really embarrassing pop punk and then all of a sudden kick kick. It was crazy cause it was pretty intense. I had my headphones on but I'm pretty sure I said "holy shit" out loud. I was hoping it would happen again but it didn't till a few days later and still it was only 2 taps then done. The best way to describe it was kinda like popcorn mixed with butterflies (like when you get nervous)
So anyways last night Blake and I are on the couch watching this Nazi Zombie movie and all of a sudden I feel a bunch of kicking, like really intense. It was the first time I got really excited and felt like it was actually kicking. Blake was able to put his hands on my stomach and feel it too. It kicked for a good few hours off and on and then started again this morning. Its pretty wild. So I guess my critter likes zombie movies (or it was the crepe with Nutella for breakfast.)

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