Thursday, March 14, 2013

27 weeks

I just looked back on an old post when I was about 28 weeks pregnant with Olive. I'm currently 27 weeks but same difference. It sounded like that was when I was starting to get really tired and worn out.  Ironically today I'm hurting really bad too and I feel different. Sadly not good just tired. Ok not tired totally beyond exhausted like I'm sitting here on the verge of tears trying not to cry and be a total baby. This week has been super awesome and fun but I think I did too much and my body is giving me a giant fuck you. I want a break, a rest, and a damn pedicure. I messed up my knee somehow. Maybe just from carrying around all this extra weight. Don't get my started on the numbers on the scale. It ain't cute. That and kickboxing might just be too intense at this moment. I know the little critter just moved too cause my back and ribs and whole belly just feels off. I have all these weird sore weak spots this time on my stomach. I guess I should feel lucky I've felt this good for this long and as I approach the 3rd trimester I know that its going to be harder. Um mom if you're reading this can you come live with us for a few months. I hate having her so far. I could use the help right now more than ever. These pregnancy emotions are making me feel sad and sorry for myself, not to mention the pain. I'm not a wuss so when I hurt I really hurt. Somehow I need to find a way to take a break, keep my kid entertained, and get through the next few months. Hoping it was just an off day for this old body and tomorrow will be better. Oh and while I'm making hopes and wishes if Olive could nap that would be awesome too. She has decided that napping is kinda lame and it's killing me. She did manage to sit in her room today for 45 min and stay quiet so I was able to lay down for a bit. Then she stood at the door screaming "mommy I'm awake, I had a great sleep." Liar liar but I'll take the quiet time.


up the hill. 

at the top. 

more digging up the backyard. 


hiding behind the bump. 

f this. 

hard to see but she has been sleeping with her nightlight. Its sorta sad but she loves him.  this morning she was playing with him and making him fly off my bed. 

my third attempt at taking her to kickboxing with me and probably my last. she was a nightmare but she looks adorable playing with my wraps.

daily she checks baby herman. 

we made a ghetto waterside and it was awesome. 

this is the only way she wants to nap. 

she is getting the cutest little freckles on her nose. must actually take some photos with a real camera. 

she still isn't totally convinced that dinner time is when its light out but i sure love it. also my kid loves endives with goat cheese but won't touch sweet potato fries???

sharing licks. 

overcast beach day and still the happiest little thing ever. 

i tried to name her barbie wanda but she insisted her name was blondie. obsessed with max and olive together. 

and these two. the cuteness is just too much. 

california adventures for a little sunset. 

and ice cream.

and fireworks. her first time seeing them and she loved it. we hear them every single night from our house so it was fun to actually see them. 

she got this for her 2nd birthday but hasn't showed much interest till today. she ran into my room with it like it was the best thing she had ever seen. she immediately made me name him (rufus) and make me put it on and ran around the house. 

lunch dates and chocolate shakes. 

i hope they always hold hands. 

so my friend lauren took this and it could possibly be my most favorite photo ever.  max jumping over olive and she has all the trust in the world. 

sunny warm days and wet chalk. 

blondie and pool time. 

i finally made  her sit down and relax so i could edit some photos from a job i shot. 

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