Saturday, March 9, 2013

this kid of mine

I've been shooting a ton of videos on vine. I tend not to shoot as much video since I'm always snapping photos but this has made me make more videos which I just love. I added one above me and I'm hoping it will work so we shall see, if not I will have to figure out another way. Was just being lazy and didn't want to upload to youtube first.

I think this is day 3 of blogging and in a row. It's a miracle but I'm sure I will go on another hiatus soon so I will enjoy these spurts of blogging energy for now. We had such a wonderful and much needed day today after the kinda downer yesterday. We met up with my friend Natalie, her husband and their two kids for a whole day of Easter Adventures. We seriously did like 10 different activities all Easter related and it was a really good time. The weather was a little chilly but it kept the crowds to a minimum which was really nice. Once we got home Olive took a really good nap and we lounged around and watched Wreck it Ralph for a bit. Hoping that movie will replace Tangled. If I have to watch that again I will go insane.  Had a quick skateboard session and made some soup for dinner. It was pretty good.

Today I was just thinking about how Olive's age is just so damn amazing. I mean we have those days where I seriously hate the age two but for the most part I can honestly say this last month or two has been the best. I think with her talking like a real human and saying the funniest stuff to me I just can't get enough. Tonight she was talking to our dog just saying the funniest stuff and Blake and I were just cracking up and I realized I have never laughed so much with her as I have the last few months. The other day we were getting out of the car to go to the bounce house and we were just talking about all the fun stuff that is inside and she got really excited and started telling me that she was big enough to go down all the slides. Then she grabs me and gives me the biggest hug and says "thank you momma for feeding me dinner so I'm big and strong for the bounce houses." I think you had to be there to see the humor but she was so sincere and thoughtful and excited. Thats kinda been her new thing to stop and thank me for something super random. Like when she sees that I washed her favorite princess dress she will run over and thank me but because she uses full sentences and describes everything its hysterial. She is also super into complementing. I crawled into her bed the other night and she kept telling me she liked my pants, then my shirt, then my hair. The other day I got out of the shower and she told me she liked my boobs. Hysterical. She has been telling me that I am her best friend and she loves me all the time. I die a little each time. I mean really, its the most adorable thing ever. She repeats a lot from tv shows which has been really positive for her as its super cute stuff. I just feel like this age has been so awesome for her. I wish I could just make a video of her entire day so I will remember everything but hopefully I will catch a few things on video that will make her laugh a few years down the road.


fast slides. 


baking brownies. 

this face is the reason we made brownies. super pout. 

cookie decorating. 

easter egg hunt. i forgot a basket so she used her snack bag.  somehow she didn't mind when it was filled with candy. 

consuming the goods. 

i swear she ate normal food today. 

she looks like she could be part of their family. 

best pose ever and a creepy ass bunny. 

pattern clashing. 

checking out the easter bunny from the train. 

i'm going to do a whole series on her picking my toe.  i kickbox barefoot so i have a callus on my toe that will probably never go away. 

this might be my new favorite photo of all time. 

this phone was my dads office phone back in the 70's or 80's and she carries it around and calls it dog.  

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