Friday, March 8, 2013

stupid hippy

Warning, I'm about to rant and bitch about some seriously stupid shit so prepare yourself.........
Some days just start off kinda shitty. I don't like to be a total downer but this morning just sucked balls. I had an awful dream and it woke me up so I spent most of the early morning staring at the ceiling and getting angry over stupid shit that was bugging me. You know when stupid little thoughts just take over and you dwell on every little thing? Ya that was me. I started getting all pissy over some shit Blake is dealing with at work. Obviously its not my deal but of course because I love him and he is financially responsible for this family so I get emotionally involved. Plus since we both worked in the photo industry I think we can talk about work stuff and I can have an understanding without being clueless. Obviously I think my husband is amazing and talented but I just think he deserves a better job and to work with people that respect him and his skills. Um and not to mention a fat much deserved raise. I know every job has bullshit involved but I think because I am so over emotional and pregnant I'm getting upset and taking everything to heart so much more. Sometimes the world just isn't fair ya know. Then since I was laying in bed not sleeping I went on facebook cause usually if I stare at the screen long enough my eyes get tired. I started reading these questions that are sent in from a local baby store. I love the store but some of the moms seriously anger me. Again probably the hormones. I try not to judge anyones parenting especially as I've seen that we all do things we say we will never do and knowing how different each kid is makes each situation different. BUT holy shit some of these moms need to a swift kick in their vaginas for real. So they post these questions and they are something along the lines of "i have an 18 month old who has had a fever of 105 all week and is throwing up blood and wont stop coughing and can't breathe but I don't want to give them any drugs or take them to the dr. I've been letting them lick lemons and drink tea but nothing is working. Anyone have any natural suggestions to help my baby."
Ok so maybe a bit exaggerated but I swear these people are almost crossing the lines into child abuse. Now I'm super cautious about giving Olive meds but for the love of god if your kid is suffering help them. A dose of tylenol won't kill them and shit take them to a dr. So ya this is where I get judgy. I respect doing things nautally. Like I said I can count on one hand where I've given Olive any meds but but come on people. I know I can't be the only one reading these things and wondering what the hell is wrong with these people.
So back to the morning. Olive was up at 5:22 which just sucked since I had already been up for hours before that. I was already grumpy. Luckily a little after 6 Blake took her out to watch tv while I lay in bed for like 10 more min. So Olive storms in with her milk (in a cup) and her owl and who the hell knows what else she has and throws it on my nightstand. She got into bed and wanted to watch the ipad which was fine. She asked for her milk and while usually she is totally capable of holding a cup and handing it back she decided to just toss it back to me and it went everywhere on my ipad and all over my bed and pillows. If it was water I wouldn't have cared but it was everywhere. Like I fully had to strip my bed and wash all my pillows which was just one more thing I didn't want to do today. Ummm and to dry my stupid pillows took 6 plus hours in the dryer. Really energy efficent. Normally I would have been whatever, an excuse to wash my bedding but I had just changed my sheets. I know first world problems right. Plus the rest of my house looks like its been robbed. Its a sticky gross mess and I have no energy to clean it.
The day did get better. Olive had dance and that was fine. After I decided to take her to a bounce house cause I had no energy to play with her at home. I know terrible mom but whatever. So I let her run around there for an hour and burn off any possible energy she had. Between the time we got home for lunch and when Blake got home there were a lot of meltdowns but I'm sure it was because she was so tired. Just one of those days. We really haven't had a bad one in the longest time so I guess we were due. I also know I was overly tired and sensitive to everything. Hoping this weekend will be good and I will get back to feeling normal.

stroller wrestling. 

she asked me to take her photo.

quick dance party. 


becky aka super mom. 

pretzel lunch. 

chair climbing. 

how we spent most of thursday. 

lady buzz. 

i was craving an orange julius so i made one for olive too. she told me it was gross. seriously???

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  1. Ugh those mommy message boards get to me sometimes. I hope next week goes better!