Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Nights have been a bit too exhausting these days to get on the computer at night. As soon as Olive is in bed I plop myself on my couch like a lazy bum and it's lovely. I do have energy during the day so we keep pretty busy but by about 4pm I'm done for.

We had the most wonderful day today at California Adventures with Blake's cousin Becky and her two little ones. Dane and Olive are about 3 months apart and they are at an awesome age to play. They got along so well and seemed to have so much fun together. It helps that they have a very similar fun, sweet, and adventurous personality. I used to always complain how wild Olive was but I'm realizing its just a busy personality and the more and more I see her with other kids I realize that is the thing I love the most about her. The day was just easy and fun. Becky and I never really get the chance to hang at family events since its pretty hectic with a lot of people so this was so nice to actually talk (as much as you can with toddlers keeping you on edge) I hope there are many more adventures for Dane and Olive soon!

We're still in a bit of a sleeping funk around here. It's been a pretty long and rough run but I'm hopeful its getting better. Olive has been fighting sleep pretty hard with some nights being REALLY difficult. I think after months were finally getting to a better place. Getting her to sleep takes a little more time these days and I'm fine with that as long as she goes to sleep. She was busting out of her room and refusing her bed for awhile so the fact she stays in her room now is good. We got her one of those lights that turn green when its ok to wake up and while most people told me it took their kids 3 days to adjust it took Olive about a month. She has been pretty good about staying in bed and playing if she gets up earlier than her owl. We found that putting her leap pad in her room helps her. I felt weird doing that but I'm learning to kinda let go of any of those things. If it works for my kid then so be it. These days 30 min of extra sleep are worth anything. Another new request is she has to have to door open. I'm guessing maybe the dark has started to scare her. I think the longer you parent the more you realize that you kinda just have to make whatever work and that can mean so many different ways. I think when Olive was first born I wanted to follow so strongly into this attachment parenting lifestlye. In my head and a perfect world it made sense to me but in reality nothing in parenting fits into a package like that at least in my experience. I mean I'm sure tons of parents can follow certain parenting styles to a t but for me it just didn't work. I think this might be why parenting a second child will be so different or at least I think so. He could be so different and throw me off but I guess my point is I've learned you just kinda have to roll with things and not everything will fit into a mold. Gosh after 3 years I may finally be getting this parenting thing. Just in time to have another that will be polar opposite I'm sure!

We had a few fun adventures last week as Blake took a few days off work to make up for some weekend work. It was seriously so much fun and so nice to have Blake around during the week. We ended up going to Palm Springs for a quickie 24 hour vacation which was perfect. It was so nice to get away even if it was a short time. The weather still isn't super hot but we managed to hang poolside and spend some good family time. Olive had a blast and it was good to know this was something easy to do (if only we had money to do this all the time) The rest of his time off was spent around town on little adventures and we even had some time to plant a garden in the backyard. Seriously spring hurry up!

Gabriel still isn't quite sure about hugs from Olive. 

Minnie's lawn. 


she asked each nail polish what their name was. in heels and naked obviously. 

Sonia feeding Olive ice cream. 

these girls are seriously the cutest together. 

stamps at grandmas house. 

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a night out with these ladies. 

her face when i ask her to smile. 

quinn's birthday party. 

2.5 hours in the pool. 

our family by olive.

we joined a music class. waiting for it to start is not her favorite part. 

juice tastes better naked. 


my pickled beets are quite delicious. 

she is obsessed with picking feet. i know its weird like really weird. 

so euro. 

my virgin drink. 

hotel room. 

she woke up with the sun. my little early bird. 

early breakfast with this one. 

serious concentration. 

kite flyer. 

seaweed princess. 

fine dining. 

yep i'm really this pregnant. 

art show craziness. 

birthday hugs for max. 

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her balloon baby. 

pounding a box of nerds. 

naked barista. 

crafting party hats. 

i'm a bit more self conscious this time around with belly photos but its massive! 

naked gardening in tap shoes. 

my grandma made her an apron. she loves it!

more crafting. 

naked cowgirl. 

after swim posing. 

i took her to boxing with me and i let her hit the bags after. big fan. 

lots of technology meant an hour of kickboxing for me. 

picking up strange objects from the ground. always. 

making pasta. 

a huge mess! 

but tasty. 

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  1. You look great! You guys do so many fun things I'm jealous! We have been slacking