Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The thing about being 5'1 and being pregnant is the weight has very limited space to grow so damn is this belly getting big. Seriously I'm entering into some Humpty Dumpty territory right now. Luckily I only have a little over 2 months left cause tying my shoes is becoming a serious cardio workout. I've had some good days and a few crappy ones. Our whole house got a cold last week and we were all pretty miserable. Olive got it first and trying to keep her mellow and clothed is nearly impossible. Of course once I got it she was feeling better and it was a rough few days. Being sick combined with pregnancy and chasing a toddler around should be illegal. We managed and besides some evil allergies kicking our ass this week we are doing better. While spring in so cal is super short its pretty brutal if you have allergies. 
Olive officially turned 2.5 this weekend. Crazy to think how close she is to three. Its been a funny week with her. She has decided that she is going to hit me now. It seriously just started out of the blue. It's been nasty and hard to deal with as the last thing you want your kid to do is hit. We're working on it. The meltdowns have been insane. Funny how there was a long period where I kinda thought we were done with those but they have reared their nasty little head again. It just seems like doing anything takes like triple the time it used to. Getting dressed was always whatever but holy shit its like a full on mission and I have to plan for at least 20 min because she freaks out about everything. We've had a lot of tears the last few days. Both of us. I'm terribly emotional right now and more than anything beyond tired and my patience is just not there. I've been peeing like every 30 min at night and she has been having a really hard time sleeping so the combination is brutal. Ya sleep, ug I feel like I always have something to say about this and of course like everything it changes all the time. The 5am wake up lasted for a few months and I have to say that was one of the hardest but her new phase is pretty killer too. She has pretty much stopped napping although I can usually get about 2 naps in per week if I'm lucky. Some days I will just leave her in her room for an hour and she is totally content to play with her toys and talk and sing so thats good but not napping can occasionally make her mood pretty shitty. Also not getting a little break is kinda brutal. Getting her to bed is really hard too and she has been waking up a few times a night. Sometimes just asking where her blanket is or asking for us. Most of the time she will go back to sleep but other times one of us will crawl in bed with her. I'm just hoping all of this will pass before the baby is born. 
I officially signed her up for preschool today although she won't actually start till september. We went on a tour and she just loved it. The place wasn't especially fancy but it felt comfortable and she dove right in and played. The teachers seemed really sweet and the place just seemed like it was going to be a good fit for her. Financially its not exactly ideal and I won't even begin to talk about the tears I had over it but we will make it work. We have some awesome family support and I feel so lucky. Pathetic but lucky. Speaking of money we don't have we looked at cars this weekend. I'm not sure if it was just a tease but preshool and needing a car came at a kinda bad time. Life is silly like that. Money is such a funny thing. I mean all of my friends complain about it but each of them are at such different places. I have friends that I know make double the amount we do struggling. I mean how do they struggle?? I've said it before but living here is hard. For the most part all of my mom friends have money or come from this ridiculous amount of money. I was talking to Blake about this the other day and I was just blown away by all these people and what they have. It's mostly all old family money. I mean I came from a middle/upper class suburbia town and this has nothing on what people have here. I don't compare myself but at the same time I hate the struggle Blake and I have to go through every single month. I know I'm lucky with what I have and especially all the support we get but at the end of the day I wonder what life would be like if money wasn't an issue?? This is what keeps me up at night, nothing else just this. Money talk is boring. 
Ok so my latest obsession is getting chickens. I know I know I can barely keep a garden but I think chickens would be so awesome. Of course Olive would LOVE holding the babies and I think having something to be responsible for would be good. I mean we have a dog but she is so low maintenance and Olive and her don't exactly get along. Although yesterday Sierra actually let Olive pet her for like 10 seconds before she bit her! Bff's in the making. Besides having the eggs I think it would be a cool experience for her. Not that she is going to cuddle up with a chicken but you never know.....

Lately around here and in crazy order......

why wear clothes??

griffith park-they kinda just let the horse ride you. 

this is a roller coaster simulator. frightening. 

train ride. 

Olive and Tamar rode this beast. Hello 1970. 

some serious drawing going on. 

tamar and olive. 

ikea lunch. 


dance class. 

coffee sipping. 

princess hellos. 


hippy hair. 

trying to avoid the sick. 

the sickie. 

getting crafty with her boring ikea table. yay chalkboard! 

i finally painted her dresser. waiting for a few more things and then I am going to take a ton of good photos of her  room. 

walks with the pup. 


funny pup. 

olive and max. 


olive and charlie, the power couple. 

body slams for a sick mom. 


spring walks. 

she found her new favorite show "masha and the bear." not a word in english but she loves it. 

ice cream. 

disney stare. 

perfecting her anarchy signs. 

goofy faces. 

half birthday cake. 

listening for trolls. 

my view of blake.

big fan of chopsticks. 

intro to peeps. 

not sierra. 

sharing milkshakes. 

her best gummo impression. 

helping me paint. 

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  1. I always imagined you were super tall! The Internet is weird.
    I have the same worries about money and not understanding how other moms my age aren't struggling. If only my family came from money... Or if we could win the lottery that we never play