Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here fishy fishy

Otto got his first tooth! It's sure been giving him a hard time. I'm hoping that the other one next to it is on it's way too. He's been pretty bummed about it and the only thing making it better is mama. Only mama. He's been eating like a champ lately so hoping we are on the right path now. He ate 3 meals for the first time ever. He was having some weird allergic reactions or what I thought were allergies but some how they just disappeared. So maybe his rashes were flu related? Either wait he's eating and I'm happy! 

We had a really nice day today with one of our friends at the aquarium. It was super easy and the kids we're so happy and good. Olives been a little funny with her friends lately. I've noticed that in large group play dates she gets really antisocial and kinda mean but it was just her and her friend and they had the best time. Totally well behaved besides my child being a total wild and crazy kid but that's nothing out of the norm. So as much as I love going in big groups I think the smaller play dates are just best for now. It might be a phase or who she is but for now whatever works. Otto loved it there as he got a little crawling time in and absolutely loved watching the fish. It's kinda the best spot for babies even in the stroller as there is so much to look at. 

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