Friday, March 21, 2014

mini eggs

It's mini egg season which is bad bad news. While I can't say I love Easter I LOVE the candy. Oh cadbury eggs and mini eggs. Why?? Pure torture as I've been eating so damn good and actually losing weight. I don't just eat a handful it's the whole damn bag. Enough of my nasty habits. On a good note I've been working out a ton and I feel great. I'm still not where I want to be but I'm close. I've managed to go running every single day Olive is in school and I'm trying to keep that schedule. Since I didn't wear a bathing suit last summer I want to make sure I feel good this summer. That and I have lots of bathing suit get aways so pressure it on.

Life has been busy and we're back in a better place. Things are settling and feeling a bit more managed and calm in some parts. Otto is crazy active and all over the place. He's starting to pull off things and stand up on his own and without hands. He is getting darn close to walking. His second tooth is on it's way with the two top close behind. He's finally eating like a champ. We're still figuring out sleep. Some nights are great and others are harder. He's still up 1-3 times but it's manageable. I'm not tired just mostly trying to get him to make sure he's getting a good night sleep. He's such a sweet boy and I'm having so much fun just watching him grow up. Gosh the second time around it's so different. While you always worry as a mom that what the hell am I doing pressure is gone and you just get to enjoy and relax a bit more.

Olive has good and bad days. Going to bed at night is still an hour long screaming at the top of her lungs battle. We have no solution and poor Blake takes this one. He is much more patient then I am and at the end of the day it's better he can calmly deal with her. Like everything I'm sure its a phase. A shitty one but this too shall pass.

We had a pretty amazing weekend. We went down to Carlsbad to hang with a bunch of my friends and their kids. Our first stop was the beach. It was the most beautiful day. Blake got to surf for awhile and I got to hang with my friends on the beach. Olive was perfect the entire day like from the time we got there at 9am till we left at 7pm. It was one of those unreal days where she just played with her friends ALL DAY and they were so sweet and kept totally busy. Otto was great and as usual he is pretty easy as long as he's fed and not tired. He's super social and he did not run out of people that wanted to hold him so he was happy (as was I to get a nice break) We had dinner and drinks at my friends house and it was just lovely. It was a good teaser into summer. We haven't spent much time at home especially on the weekends so the house is suffering at bit. We have a weekend full of yard work to get done, fence building (for the chickens), and tons of gardening. I'm hoping before it gets too warm we can do that somehow.

And photos oh man do I have photos to catch up on. Starting here....

Olive and Forest. Cool kids. 

Otto and Penny at her 1st birthday. 

Bounce house birthday party. 

And Queen Elsa. Her smile kills me. 


This view and a stolen lemon. 


Kid loves a good roller coaster. 


BOTH kids were asleep which has probably happened about 2 other times ever. So naturally we sat in the rain and ate churros. 

The Zepher ride at California Adventure. No lap sitting. Super unsafe and so unlike Disney. Otto was thrilled. 

One of the few times she got to dress wintery. 

Photo by Olive. 

Food is getting super messy. He prefers to eat it by himself which is great but man its messy. 


Lego movie. I don't recommend brining a baby unless you are crazy. I am clearly nuts. 

This box was the best toy for a week. Every single day I ask myself why I buy toys. 

Super pumped on hopscotch. 

Crazy dinner dates. 

Dog wash day. 

Lots of bike rides. 

Melissa's baby shower. 


While I wash both cars they play. Yes I washed and vacuumed both cars. 

Dr.Suess birthday. 

Since it's lighter longer we've been having sunny dinners and its kinda amazing. 

Uncle time at Disneyland. 

Captain EO. Holy shit I forgot how amazing this was. 


Snapdragons. Mind blown. I specifically remember there were some down the street from my house when I was a kid. I remember my mom showing me how to move their "mouths" and I was blown away too. Being a kid is awesome. 

A normal egg and a random mini egg. 

Already wrestling. They knew exactly what to do. Remi was the winner here. 

Naked babes. 

White trash ball pit is the best summer toy ever! 

Pretty running path. 

The sticker chart. Some days it really really helps and other days she could care less. 

This is what she wanted from the "toy store" for completing her sticker chart. 

Classy snack. 


All the ladies. 

My favorite meal ever. Shrimp kaboobs and grilled artichoke.  

This is her Easter dress. I was trying to find something super tacky but sorta amazing if that makes sense. I went everywhere and ended up with this cause the deal was it had to be cheap. I already took the ugly flower off. The best part is she LOVES it. 

cedar plank salmon, grilled onions, pasta, and cucumber tomatoes with goat cheese. 

Little lick of ice cream. 

Learning all about the slide. 

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