Wednesday, January 16, 2013

19 weeks #2

I'm almost to the half way point which makes it even more real than ever. I feel pretty normal and my energy is really good these days (besides when my toddler won't sleep) I had my gender ultrasound yesterday and it is officially a boy. Everything looked perfect except they couldn't see something in the heart. The tech and dr explained to me that the heart is so small that sometimes its just too early to see everything and that it doesn't mean it isn't normal. It all sounded like a big jumble of words when they were talking to me and all I could focus on is something wasn't right but from what I can remember they talked about not seeing all the valves. When they asked the question if anyone in our family was born with a hole in their heart or a heart condition I almost lost my shit. They never told me anything was wrong but they said I should come back in a few weeks just so they can double check. I'm still confused. I cried and I spent most of yesterday freaking out but honestly my gut tells me my baby is fine. Everything else is healthy and his heart beats perfectly. So for the next 4 weeks I will wait and wonder and stress until I really know. Unfortunately Blake had to take Olive out of the room because she totally lost her shit and was having a full meltdown so he didn't get to hear everything which pisses me off since he would have understood. So here is to getting through a speedy four weeks and hoping that everything is right where it should be.

Catching up.......

not so clear view of la. top of the observatory. 

hollywood sign. for 3 years i loved right below this, funny to think that. 

olive the dog walker. 
walks with tamar and lola. 

juice and princess everything. 

chilly scooter rides around the block. 


we have a perfectly comfortable couch but the floor is an interesting choice too. 

weekly hot chocolate. 

she moved her chair away from me to eat her snacks. it was one of those days. 

i made bread. super easy and really delicious. 

love her curls. 

anniversary date at lacma. 7 years!!!

so much fun to play in. we specifically went to see the kubrick work but this was really cool. 

coffee cheers. 

fancy desserts. 

first time bowling. 

throwing a large ball is always fun. 

bowling followed by greasy delicious mexican food is a perfect way to spend a sunday. 

freezing days and ice cream dates. 

baby herman (not his real name)

night night beauty. 

guarding blakes churro and borrowing a few bites. 

she was finally big enough to go on the roller coaster. she loved it!

bad bad idea. 

goofy surprised her on the slide. 

the weather finally warmed up and we were very pleased! 

under blanket tea parties. 

park time. 

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