Saturday, January 5, 2013

christmas to new years in photos

This might be a record, two blog posts in one day. Olive and Blake are playing in her room with princess stuff and I'm taking a little time out. Blake went on a bike ride today so I was home all day with Olive. Well not home but we kept busy with breakfast out, watching kids at the skateboard park, and seeing Monsters Inc in 3-D. Super fun day but man I'm exhausted. I wish I could just take off for a day but I can't. I mean technically I can but it's soooooo much harder for me to do it. As much as I love my alone time away I always feel a hint of guilt and of course a little loss of control. I know other moms feel this way. I used to read a million other mom blogs but lately I just haven't  had the energy but today I caught up on a few and happened across this post which just made me smile. I needed to hear the same things I've been thinking from someone else even if it is a complete stranger. You know to make sure I'm not totally crazy or alone. Motherhood is funny, sometimes it's just easier to relate to a total stranger than your closest friends. Or maybe I'm just hormonal? The point of this post was to catch up on a least 1000 photos that I forgot to post over the holidays so here we go!

blake had a birthday so i made him a whooper cake. it was delicious. 

she dips it in the dirt then wipes the windows. in heels of course. 

adding a little punk rock in ballet. 

the cake. 

san diego zoo. 

the chimps behind her were wresting so she was quick to point out "pink vagina." no filter just like her mama.  

ashley and steve. 

eating at pokez where i used to spend many many meals when i lived in san diego. 

a quick lollipop stop. 

high fives with ashley.

so excited for santa. 

excited again!

every year we put her in this ridiculous outfit. 

setting up christmas totally made me feel like an adult. 

princess overload. 

its so fun to watch her actually open presents now and get excited. 

uncle evan. 

from ashley and steve and by far her favorite present ever. 

the family. 

black eye. 

hula hooping with gg. 

a little jew food on christmas morning. 

sonia and olive. these two together might be the best thing ever.

in mammoth!

brushing stella. 

sled ride. 

my mom, olive, and blake. 

cold chin.

gondola rides. 

urban barrel. 

hanging in an igloo. 

snow licker. 

her first pair of skis. 

she was really excited about the helmet.

her first test ride. 

blake went snowboarding in womens pants. if you could only see how i had to wear my pants with my belly. not cute at all. 

stella hugs. 

on the chairlift. shhh don't tell my midwife, I don't think snowboarding is approved on the pregnancy list. i was super careful and went really slow just to see olive ride. 

not sure if it made her sleepy or she was a bit scared but she didn't move the entire ride up.

it was seriously so fun to ride down like this. she never fell once, like a champ. 

happy 2013!

the ride home. very bored. 

the only thing opened on new years was sushi. total score. 

castle and leapfrog. 

new pants from my friends who just got back from thailand. apparently they are supposed to be worn at waist but i kinda like it like this. 

she was singing "i'm not ready to be a princess" over and over. its from her new favorite show sophia the first. 

we have a proper fireplace. 

the lazy train at the zoo. 

seaweed eater. 

not the cutest photo but here i am 17 weeks pregnant. i'm pregnant everywhere!!!! 

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