Thursday, January 3, 2013

hello 2013

Happy 2013! The holiday season was quite busy so I haven't been able to check in on here. Finally back at home and feeling a bit more settled. Christmas was a few day affair going to different families houses. Santa came three times for Olive and she still can't stop talking about Santa. Our house is filled with new toys and as much as I'm appreciative I'm at a loss of where to put things. I've reorganized and purged but it still needs a little bit more. It seriously looks like a toy store in here. The mess at the end of the day is just too much so it might be time for a major clean up around these parts. We spent the holidays and new year up in Mammoth. It was so much fun, sadly not relaxing at all but we had a great time and kept pretty busy. Olive learned to sled and ski so I'd say we accomplished quite a bit. The snow was amazing so we really got lucky with that. It's always hard to come home but I also like getting back into a routine and getting back to normal. 

So I guess the biggest news is I'm pregnant! I'll be 17 weeks on friday. I started writing a post when I first found out but as usual kinda lagged but I'll post it soon. I feel good now as I'm way into my second trimester. I had a bit of night nausea in the beginning and I even had my first puke. I never even came close to throwing up with Olive so it was a bit shocking. I think my biggest annoyance is my headaches and not being able to take anything. Luckily I'm not tired anymore and feel pretty normal besides  being pretty big. I started to show so much earlier this time around. I noticed my body acting "pregnant" before I even took a test. No joke. I look way bigger than 17 weeks but I'm ok with it. I've only gained 6 pounds which seems crazy considering how big I look. Oh did I mention it's a boy?? They told me that in my first trimester screening but I will go back at week 20 to confirm but I already knew it was a boy since I felt so different this time around. The other thing is my boobs are crazy sore like if you accidently ran into me I would probably scream then knock you out. So not looking forward to the bloody chapped breastfeeding boobs. I haven't even really thought too much about the birth much as I've been so focused on the pain of my boobs and trying to figure out how this time around I'm not going to get thrush. If you've been reading since Olive was born you know I got thrush really bad and it was awful like a billion times worse than birth. I need to figure out every way possible to avoid it this time around. I've been going to my same midwife and I will be using my doula again if finances will allow. I also think I will probably try and birth at home. The birth center was awesome but getting up to walk to the car after 3 hours was a lot to handle and I would love to just be in my bed right after. I will most likely use the tub as that was how Olive was born and I really enjoyed it. As I get further along I'll decide as of right now I just need to focus on chasing after Olive and keeping this little boy healthy. I'm super excited and already coming up with some fun ideas for his room. Poor guy is getting mostly Olive hand-me-downs with furniture but he won't care. I just need to figure out how to paint a crib and make it match the dresser cause Olive seriously went to town on her crib and there are bite marks all over it. Olive has named the baby Herman as in Pee Wee Herman but I assure you that will not be his real name. She talks to him all the time and asks to hold him which is the most adorable thing ever. She constantly asks when he is coming out and she tells me everyday that he is getting bigger. She's been a trooper coming to my appointments with me although each time has been so hectic. Nothing seems to get her to just sit and chill for the 20 min I'm in the office. It's a bit hectic but they are so friendly and understanding there so it makes it ok. I'm really excited about the little guy but also curious how the hell it will all work. I mean people do it all the time so I can right????

These photos are pretty old but I need to catch up! 


salt dough xmas ornaments. so easy and so fun. 

our weekly hot chocolate. 


lunch date. she sat across from me for the first time ever and was a total champ. lucky day! 

blake asked her to stand next to me and smile. she stood next to me and spit. 

amelie and olive riding horses. 

talking on the phone. 

downtown disney. collecting tips. 

blake starting racing bikes. it was the coldest day ever!


breakfast date after an early dentist appointment for olive then off to a dentist for me. long day. 

the couch i want. we go and visit it since we can't afford it. 

ferris wheel over irvine. 

i got new hairs. 

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