Saturday, January 5, 2013

suck it maternity clothes

Seriously why are maternity clothes so damn ugly?? When I was pregnant with Olive I banned all but 2 maternity shirts from my wardrobe. Since it was warm I managed to avoid having to buy any maternity pants and mostly sticking to regular leggings and dresses. This time around since it was winter I had to get some proper maternity jeans and quick. I was also bigger much sooner and my normal clothes did not fit at all and leggings are cute but after everyday it feels kinda frumpy ya know?? I ended up buying 2 pairs of skinny pants that will last me the entire pregnancy. I forked over a crazy amount on one pair which is so unlike me since I never spend a lot of money on denim in normal clothes but honestly these babies were worth penny. The other ones were cheap and fit pretty good too. I thought finding pants was going to be a nightmare but it was actually really easy.
AG jeans. Seriously so damn cozy especially when you feel like a giant whale at only 17 weeks. 

Just the basic cheap Motherhood Maternity skinny.  Not as comfy as the AG but for the price it's not bad at all.

This time around it feels like finding shirts are just more difficult. I've been to all the places I went before and had really good luck but this time I'm really having a hard time. Maybe its because I don't have the time to actually shop like I did before Olive was born or maybe I just don't have patience., Who knows...... It might be me being self conscience too . Everyone has told me how big I am. Not meaning to be a jerk or say I'm fat but after hearing that all the time you don't exactly wanna run out the house in a cute little dress. Also since I haven't worked out as much my arms feel gross and I refuse to wear anything that shows my arms. I know I've gone a little crazy but I'm back at kickboxing so hopefully I will tone those babies up for the summer since the sweater look in 80 degrees is not cute.

I know everyone that is pregnant has heard of Hatch but the stuff really is cute. Totally not affordable but fun to look at the most adorable pregnant girls in the world wearing their stuff. I tend to like the more casual pieces but for almost $300 on average it seems a bit much. But damn it inspires me to try and dress somewhat cute with this massive bump. I so appreciate them not using that ugly side shirring on shirts. Seriously ugliest shit ever. Practical smactical, shit is ugly!
I know its just a basic hoodie but I can't zip up any of my hoodies and putting on boy sizes that look gross and baggy in the arms just makes you look like the weird white trash lady. So this is probably my favorite piece. 
Love this sweater. 
If  I had to get fancy I would love this entire outfit. 

Adorable cardigan.

I also noticed that ASOS and shopbop have a pretty good selection of maternity stuff. Ohhhh fun!

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  1. Blah maternity clothes. I found some leggings and skinny maternity pants for cheap at forever 21. I found ASOS maternity too late in my pregnancy to get anything I think.
    Also I was pregnant the same time as my boss and she was way bigger than me because it was her second. I guess your second your belly pops out a lot quicker