Thursday, January 3, 2013

So I peed on a stick....again


I can't post this as I still haven't told anyone but I'm pregnant. 4 or 5 weeks along I dunno. So far I'm still trying to process it. It's so different this time. I'm more anxious and antsy probably because I know more this time around. The first time it was more of a shock, I mean ya we were trying but I was kinda in denial about it actually being true so I didn't take a test till a few days after my missed period. This time I tried a few days before my missed period and it kept coming out negative. I was so discouraged and actually really sad. I bought those stupid tests that are supposed to tell you like 5 days before your missed period. Well those are bullshit. I didn't get a positive test till 2 days after my missed period. I'm beyond excited and even more so impatient. I think the worst part is the first few weeks of waiting. I want to go to my midwife and hear a heartbeat ya know. I mean I'm basing everything on a little plus on a stick which is so weird. I have a few things to take care of like calling my midwife and figuring out the whole financial side of this. Also figuring out where we can put this little one as we have one room as an office. Just moving and sorting which I'm beyond excited to do. This is going to be our ass kicker to paint (we got paint samples today) and put the house into a little better order. It's been an ongoing thing but I think this will move things along.
I told Olive there was a baby in my belly and she looked at me like I was nuts. She just stares at my belly expecting to see a baby. Today I told her to say hi and she pet my belly and said nice which was cute. She already said she wants it to be a girl but right now I don't have a feeling either way. I need to wait to see how I feel. I thought Olive was a boy so I guess I'm not the best judge. Luckily so far I've felt pretty normal and have just been tired but I think mostly because I stopped coffee. I will drink it as I'm further along but for the first trimester it just doesn't seem right for some reason.
Getting excited for everything that will be coming our way. To a big belly and new adventures!


I officially went to my midwife and got a confirmed pregnancy test although I knew that from the 20 I took before. We figure I am about 5 1/2 weeks. I won't  go back for another month or so to hear the heartbeat. This is for sure the hardest part, just waiting not not really feeling anything in there. I do feel tired and I'm already peeing 5x a night. I already have the smallest bladder in the universe so as soon as I got pregnant the peeing was on. It was like this last pregnancy. Just part of the fun. Besides being tired around 2pm I feel good. I got a little nauseous today for some reason but it passed quickly. I feel chubby and I feel like I have a belly but its just that bloated feeling. I start back at kickboxing next week and I'm hoping that will make me feel a little better.


I'm approaching week 10 and I really can't complain (too much). I feel good besides being a little tired. I had 2 weeks of mild nausea in the morning which turned into night nausea which I've never had. Some days I'm more tired than others but overall I feel good. I didn't start back to kickboxing as nights I've been way too tired and I've been relaxing as much as possible. I'm feeling almost ready to get back into it. No rush as I don't want to push my body. Last night was my first sleepless night. I don't recall having sleep issues this early but my mom said she remembers me doing this last time. I'm not uncomfortable or anything just tossed and turned all night. I can see my belly getting puffy already which is soooooo early. If I was to wear a super tight shirt (which I don't) I couldn't hide it. This time around I need some maternity jeans. My skin was amazing up till last week and it started breaking out again. Major boo. My boobs are huge already and I think out of anything they hurt the most. Weird right?


It's a boy! Well at least there is a 70% chance so they saw. I had my first trimester ultrasound and blood work done and they said boy. As much as I don't really care either way I was sorta secretly hoping for a boy. Although a girl would be much cheaper as we have everything and more but I'm sorta excited to get little boy toys and clothes. Ok mostly the clothes. We've been calling him baby Herman. I can assure you Herman will NOT be his name but for now that it what he will be called. I'm heading out of week 13 and feeling pretty good although I had my first pregnancy puke ever the other morning. It was disgusting as I am not a good barfer. I'm hoping it was just a fluke as it's kinda late in the game for that. I have most of my energy back or whatever I can have chasing around Olive all day but in general I feel good. For sure different this time around. Not better or worse just different. My belly is growing by the second and I feel huge. I can't really hide it unless I'm wearing huge sweaters which as been the case lately. All of my family and friends know but I just haven't spilled it everywhere.
There he is. Getting this photo was a miracle. When the ultrasound first started he was face down and butt up in the air. He barely held still for a photo. My kids aren't even mellow in the womb. Geez. 


  1. Congrats!! I love how you kept little updates so far before announcing it.

  2. Congratulations!! I'm preggo too! Found out Dec 6th. I took one of those "early tests" too and it came out positive... however, I knew exactly when I got pregnant which was only 6 days before my period... so technically I had to wait 4 days after my missed period to get a positive. At that point I was only 10days past ovulation. I ovulate late in my cycle. lol