Thursday, January 10, 2013


When Olive was younger I used to talk way more about all the phases she would go through. At the time it seemed so much harder and dramatic probably since it was all new to me and because I didn't really know what the hell I was doing. Not that I do now at all but I think I know that most things are temporary and if you sit it out long enough they will change in time. The last week we've hit a pretty annoying phase where Olive has decided she hates to go to sleep. She goes to bed totally normal and happy and as soon as you close her door she loses her mind. She starts off just crying then she will start with "I want mommy" or "I want daddy" depending on who put her to bed. More screaming then more "I want to get out." This has been lasting anywhere from 30 min to over an hour. Occasionally we go in there and tell her one more story but honestly I think it just starts the whole process over. I feel sad and literally Blake and I will just sit on the couch and stare at each other while she does this feeling totally helpless. But we know nothing is wrong. If something hurt or she wanted water she would tell us so I feel like it's just best to let her figure it out. Even if she isn't a baby anymore letting her cry still isn't easy. I'm starting to see a bit of a pattern with her growing and while I'm no scientist I'm guessing these crappy sleeping phases are growth related. Over the Christmas break she started her early 5:30 wakeups again (after she had been sleeping in till after 6:30 for a good stretch) and then we got home from Mammoth and the growing pains started. We had a few nights of those where she slept in our bed but luckily those have seemed to stop. I've noticed today the ridiculous amount of food she is eating so maybe its all growing?? I dunno I wish she would sleep.

Besides her lack of sleeping she is great. She is talking like a champ. Uses full sentences pretty much how real people talk. Sometimes it just cracks me up to see these big words and full sentences come out of her mouth. It's amazing how fast it went from little 3 words to just full normal sentences. I've been trying to teach her the alphabet and while she knows letters here and there I feel like she has no interest which is frustrating. She got an easel for Christmas so everyday we write a new letter and throughout the day go over it. She just doesn't want to focus which I get, it's boring but I try to make it super fun and today I even used candy. I know its just a matter of repetition and actually having her focus on me.

It's been 20 minutes and she is still calling for me. I heard her go in her closet. Her new (and extremely strange) thing to do is put her silver little slip on shoes on in her bed and fall asleep in them. She has been doing this the last few days. We asked if her feet were cold and she said no and today she has tights on so I think its just a thing. Funny kid.

Contemplating taking a nap or finishing cleaning my house. My plans to meet my friend at the aquarium today got pushed back due to the rain so I decided it would be a good idea to scrub my house. I've spend the entire morning cleaning and doing laundry (in between playtime with Olive, a movie, and lunch) and it still looks dirty. What the hell?? I need a real get down on my hands and knees and scrub cleaning but that is not going to happen being all fat and pregnant. Olive is pretty patient with cleaning as long as I take breaks and play. I made the mistake of walking a bit too much yesterday and now my feet are swollen so big and my body needs a total massage. We met up with my friend to hike from her house to the Griffith Observatory. The walk was long but totally not too much except Olive insisted on being held pretty much the entire time. We couldn't bring a stroller since the last part is a actual hike up dirt and now that I look back I should have brought my ergo to use as a backpack. Total fail. Luckily Tamar being in amazing shape carried her a lot of the way there but on the way back Olive was tired and grumpy and only wanted me to carry her the WHOLE way. So ya my feet are paying for it today but so far I haven't gotten out of my slippers so I can't really complain.
icee obsessed. 

3-d glasses. 


checking out skateboarders. 


disney on ice and an icee with grandma. 


i gave blood and she got cookies. hmmmm

sometimes making cupcakes is the answer to everything. 

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