Thursday, February 7, 2013


What a strange day. Nothing happened but somehow I just woke up with the overwhelming feeling of depression. Not like oh shit I'm in a bad mood but that feeling of a foggy depression. Honestly I haven't  had that feeling in so long so it's kinda thrown me off and I have no idea what to do with myself. I mean first off I can blame the pregnancy hormones for sure on this one. When I was pregnant with Olive it was a whole different deal. I was actually depressed from moving and not knowing a single person and just feeling lonely but now none of those feelings are there. I'm happy, I have great friends, and I don't feel lonely at all. And I got an awesome haircut last night so I feel fresh and good. And my mom bought me some shirts for my big belly so I actually feel like I have some clothes (which if you're been pregnant you know looking frumpy can bring ya down) Depression is weird. Damn you hormones. I'm sure it will pass but for now it's sucky.

I met up with a bunch of friends today for a playdate at the zoo and I could just feel myself down and awkward. I tried to put on a happy face and I think I did fine but I could just feel it ya know?? When I got home I think it really hit me. It was almost like I felt like I had to be somewhere like an anxiety then it slowly just formed into an all over shitty depression. This pregnancy has been really easy on my emotions this time around so I guess I'm due to have a little slump. I'm hoping that by writing this it will help get it out there and hopefully pass. Maybe I just need a good cry?? But who has time for that??? Instead I just made a big ol batch of brownies which always helps with pms so lets hope it will cure the blues. That and a big hug would be nice.

this is how I drink my coffee. heels and dance parties. 

you can see olive making her exit. she was not into the photo today. 

always the first to tackle a friend. 

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