Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm giving Olive some alone time with her bowl of seaweed and a little Oso on the ipad. I feel exhausted today. She was up at 5am and hasn't stopped ever since. I feel weird and guilty for sitting on my computer but I think it's good as I am entertaining her the entire day. We tried out a new storytime at the local library and it was pretty fun. Something about going to library storytime really makes me feel like a mom like a MOM. I know some people get that but its just funny. This one happened to be a really good one. They even played a Yo Gabba Gabba song and Olive was super pumped. The rest of the time she was really shy and hid in my lap which isn't totally like her but I've noticed lately in new situations she gets like that unless there is something she knows. Like when they pulled out the shakers and played gabba she totally got up and danced. When it was over she told me she had a lot of fun and that she wants to go back. Her new thing is telling me how much fun she had somewhere. Its kinda the most amazing thing ever. Hoping to go back next week if I don't get the super flu. Some kid totally walked up to me and sneezed in my face. Not like a few feet away but like in my face. I almost died. The mom just grabbed him and didn't say a word. I'm not confrontational at all so I didn't say anything but fuck women at least tell me he's not sick or that you are sorry. I'm sure Olive has done that before but I would ALWAYS say sorry or acknowledge it. People are just rude. After storytime Olive wanted to get a hot chocolate so we drove to our spot and she passed out in the car which I knew she would do since she was up so early. So I got myself some in n out and took my time getting home. She ended up sleeping for a bit and I was able to relax a bit. When she woke up all she wanted to do was dance. She makes me put on my heels and dance with her. It's super fun but not in my heels but if I take them off shit gets ugly and she doesn't really get how I can dance without them. This kid. So after I felt like my toes were going to fall off I decided we needed out of the house. So to the park with the scooter we went. It was a good idea as it wasn't crowded and it was nice to be outside. She had fun and I'm hoping she will sleep good tonight. I need to break these 5am wakeups, it's brutal. It started off at 5:45 and slowly every morning it has gotten earlier. Not cool, not cool at all.

And again more photos to finally get caught up.

ready to go into dance class. 

serious listening face. 

grandmas glasses and my heels. 


date night. 

silly kid. 

this is what we did on date night. 

moms go wild. 

she is still talking about this. she has the biggest crush on flynn. 

the lollipop is always our closer. she never really eats that much of  it since she always passes out in the car  but she loves the idea of it. 

blake taught her to bomb the driveway. the kid has no fear. 

my grandma got the little one a new crib. the rest of the room is slowly getting there. mostly pieces from olives room (dresser and chair) but hoping to replace that chair. 

this is her new thing. when she wants to ignore you or you tell her to do something she doesn't want to  she puts her head down. its a wee bit emo and i'm not sure i really get what she is doing or where she learned this from???

painting my nails. she insisted on black. she takes this so seriously and if she makes a mess she wipe it off and start again. 

backyard attire. 

you must go down the slide with a purse (which is packed full of fake food)

pony rides. 

olive and amelie. i realize i may have dressed her a little butch but whatever. 


we just discovered white bean dip. life changing good.  

playing with a doll and buzz. 

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