Sunday, February 17, 2013

stuffed with baby

Hello sunday which is actually like a saturday since its a holiday weekend. Yay for that. On saturday we got a super warm day. We didn't hesitate to get to the beach and enjoy. It felt amazing. Vitamin D in this body is much needed. Sadly it cooled down today and the rest of the week we are back to winter. We went on a mini hike today. Hiking with a toddler is still a bit tricky. She wants to be held a bit more then she walks but we managed and it was pretty fun. Just good to get outside and do something different. This week has been a bit rough on the body. Herman must be in some wacky position because I am so uncomfortable. I feel like a baby cause I've complained so much this week but its been a lot to handle. I just feel sore and exhausted and any position I sit or lay in just doesn't feel good. The best way to put it is I feel stuffed with baby. I know I will have weeks like this and hopefully next week the little guy will move and give me a break. Oh and the indigestion is insane. I don't remember having that with Olive or if I did it was no big deal cause I don't recall but this time around whoa its bad. Luckily it's one of the only things you can actually take something for and it seems to have been a temporary thing. Bitch bitch moan moan. 
Olive has been quite the funny kid. I feel like I always say this but she is just talking and talking, like she just doesn't stop. She makes up lots of things and stories and ideas and it's kinda the best thing ever. At dinner she makes Blake take pretend photos of us then she thanks me for taking a photo with her and tells me she loves me. Its funnier when she does it I swear it's the strangest thing ever. The last week her sleep has been awful (yep nothing has changed) She's skipped a few naps this week and she doesn't seem to mind. Ugggg please please don't drop naps kid!!!! She is still waking up super early but we got her one of those lights that turn green when its time to get up and stays red when its too early. She fully gets the concept and will explain over and over what she is supposed to do but when she wakes up (which is usually around 5:30 she still screams for us) As soon as that light turns green her tone changes and she busts out of her room and is sooooooo excited. She just needs to figure out how to be quiet till this happens. We are lucky she stays in her room for the most part (except today when she didn't want to nap) but we just need her to sleep now. We have it set for 6:15. Thats not too much to ask right??
And the best news ever is that Herman has a healthy heart! We went back for the follow up ultrasound and everything looks good. I guess we went too early. Lesson learned. I feel so much better!

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