Thursday, June 6, 2013

39 weeks

Tomorrow I will  be 39 weeks. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Just waiting and waiting. I'm terribly uncomfortable but still hanging in there. I'm pretty limited in what I do these days but I've been able to get out and about with my moms help and entertain Olive or take care or errands. 

Olive is certainly hitting a funny little phase of the I'm almost three and I'm going to put you through hell. I don't know if it's a combination of the baby coming or being almost 3 but holy shit she could start wars with her attitude. She has started talking really nasty to me and she will pronounce each word really slowly and yell at me like a mom would do to a kid. Funny thing is I don't generally yell at her. I mean ya I lose my temper here and there but for the most part I'm pretty calm. Getting dressed has been a total battle lately. If I pick something out she tells me she wants something else and just throws herself down and gets insanely mad. The white skirt below was her choice and not worth a fight. I usually give her choices between shirts or bottoms but lately I've been so exhausted I just throw something on her bed and ask her to get dressed. She is capable of doing it herself unless there are buttons but these days that is not happening. I should probably just let the whole clothes thing go but I really love dressing her. She is so strong willed that breaking her is impossible, she just won't back down. Usually when we are done playing with blocks or whatever I ask her to clean it up before we move to the next thing or tell her I will help her. It's never been a problem and she is usually happy to do it but lately it will always be a fight and there will be tears every single time. Pretty much whatever I say will be a fight. People don't generally talk about three year olds, I mean there are the terrible two's but what about three??? So far these days are proving to be way harder because now I have a little human that can talk and reason and fully communicate with me. Yesterday she was yelling at me about something and she just looked at me and said "I need to get away from you." and walked in her room and slammed the door. Really??? There has been a lot of door slamming. I mean is it just built into girls to slam doors? I have never slammed a door in my life around her and she doesn't watch tv shows with that happening. Little glimpses of teenage Olive for sure. I know I was exactly the same way so all I can do is laugh and try to figure out how to handle the battles so they are not wars with us. My little rebel................

big belly!

i'm sure Opie appreciates the princess gloves. 

japanese bbq. 

riot and unbrushed hair. 

The chickens are getting pretty comfortable. 

beer battered taco night. i also made the best tarter sauce ever. i love me some mayo! 

the chickens like to creep in the house when we're eating. 

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