Sunday, July 14, 2013


Both kids are asleep although I hear Otto making some crazy noises. Kid is the loudest sleeper. Olive woke up last night with a fever last night and its been on and off all day. She has no other symptoms so we just decided to take it easy today instead of having a beach day. Blake is taking care of some little painting projects and we're just laying low.

On a super good note Blake got a new job and starts tuesday. It's a total step up from his old job and I think he is going to be amazing at it. I'm sad he won't get a little vacation time with us but I'm so thankful he found something he is excited about. On a kinda crappy note I had mentioned before that Otto's dr suggested we get him an ultrasound for his asymmetrical butt crack (I forget the technical term) and we did that on friday. Of course they leave us hanging for a week till we get the results. The whole process was pretty incredible I've never seen the spinal cord like that before and its kinda beautiful, I know weird but it is. The women doing the test was just a technician (that totally looked like Kaliesa from game of thrones which was just an added awesomeness-more for Blake I'm sure) but she did tell us the spinal cord was moving just like it should so that was positive but I won't be totally happy till I get the call from the dr with the results. I've been trying to put it out of my head as much as I can but having the attitude of not being able to control this is easier when its something like a job and not the health and future of your child. I'm thinking positive that everything is ok and no matter what happens he is still the most perfect little man ever.

I feel like life has just been in a funny placs. Obviously after having a baby things change and its hard to get back into the groove of things. As tricky as Olive can be we had our days planned pretty full and we could get anything done and by anything I mean a lot if we needed to. I'm still trying to adjust to only being able to do one thing then feed then come home. I know its only temporary and I don't want to rush Otto to grow up or anything but figuring it all out is tricky business. I kinda thought I would be able to spend most of the summer at the beach with both of them but so far there is just no way I can do it alone without Blake. Maybe in a few months I can but for now its just too much for me. I will get there I know but its just taking baby steps. I wish my best friends lived down the street. I know I have the most lovely mom friends here but sometimes especially how I feel now I just want those friends that I'm super comfortable with to be around. Not that its awkward or anything with my friends here but its just different. I talk about this all the time but sometimes it just gets to me. I think that the last few months I've just either been super pregnant and anti social or with a newborn so I'm feeling a little out of sorts. Of course it will all sort it self out and life will be back to "normal" soon.

We decided to hit up the Orange County Fair on opening night on friday and holy shit was it fun. It started off a bit rocky as Olive saw all the big rides and wanted to go on all of them. Like the full on scary barfy ones that I would never even think to set foot on in a million years. My little thrill seeker. She lost her shit when she stood next to the height requirement signs and was not tall enough for every single ride. It was not pretty. There were some pretty serious meltdowns. So we did what any amazing parent would do and got her sugar! Shaved ice did the trick. So while she got all hoped up on corn syrup I nursed Otto and everyone was happy. We ran into some friends that told us there was a kids sections of rides. We had no idea since this was the first year she was actually interested in rides. OH MY GOSH my kid had the best night of her life. I'm not kidding she was in heaven. She could go on about half the rides herself and the others Blake joined her. She was running around telling us how much fun she was having and just living it up. She seriously has no fear. Gosh I remember being so much like her when I was a kid. All in all the fair was a success and I hope we can get back a few more times before its over. It was a bit hard to walk that much for me and I'm still sore a few days later but it was worth it.

The creepiest bunny ever. Not sure why this exists at Newport Beach City Hall but it does. 

this was blakes outfit when he was little. 


his favorite way to nap. 

this is how olive naps. 

first day of soccer. 

practicing with her new ball. 


cleaning out some of my old boxes. 

i pretty much just spill every meal on his head. 

cucumbers from the garden. 

and hopefully pickles soon. 

nap and the biggest boobs ever! 

max capacity. 

mexican pizza. 

she found a mezuza in a box and has been carrying around everywhere. she even slept with it. 

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