Monday, July 15, 2013

stir crazy

Feeling a bit stir crazy as we haven't been out of the house since friday night. Olive still has a bit of a fever. I have no idea what is wrong with her but it comes and goes so we're just been taking it as easy as possible. I'm hoping tomorrow she will be all better and we can get out for a bit. I feel bad as I've been a total grump to her but it's been a long ass weekend and I'm beyond beat. I haven't had a moment alone or a break besides my 10 minute shower today. Otto still doesn't have a bedtime so he pretty much just goes down when we go to sleep. I'm hoping in the next month we can try and get him down a bit earlier but he is still all over the place with sleep so I'm just letting him figure it out for now. The good part of being home is we got a lot done around here. I was talking to Blake about putting up some sort of chalkboard in the kitchen to help with meal planning and he had the idea to paint the door so he did it. It looks super cool. We can't write on it yet as it needs another day to dry. He also had the idea to chalkboard paint a few panels on the kids door so we can leave them notes on the top part and they can draw on the bottom. I love it so much. It will make more sense in photos but waiting till I can draw on them. My eyes are sleepy. Until tomorrow.....

not the most flattering photo of my thigh but i love this picture. pretty much sums it all up. 
manly things. 



baked zucchini fries and hummus burgers with arugula and pickled cucumbers from the garden. oh and also a really yummy tangy sauce. 

he is getting so big, we've moved up a size in clothes. 

sometimes you wear your kid in order to get a million things done. 

sierra still has no idea what to make of him. 

i kinda see them starting to look alike. maybe just a little?

teriyaki salmon, wild rice, zucchini, brussels sprouts, and a good amount of garlic. 

he likes to eat at the dinner table with us. burning calories while i consume calories. interesting. 

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