Friday, August 9, 2013

boobies and no nappers

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness month/week! Yay boobies! It doesn't matter if you choose to breastfeed or not but this month should be about making breastfeeding a totally normal and natural thing especially in public. While I think its gotten a lot better people are still freaked out to see a mother with her boobs out feeding her baby. We all gotta eat! I'm happy to be able to feed Otto anywhere and everywhere and we all deserve to feel comfortable with a babe on the boob.

Even Olive is joining in. Notice how she flipped her shirt over,  ummmm genius.....

I swear I'm not angry but I couldn't see my screen. Thats my walking hat, BRO! 

Olive took this artsy little photo.

Today I made my first real attempt to get the kids to nap at the same time. Major fail. Some days I get lucky and they both end up asleep at the same time but not today. We had a pretty full week. Ashley was in town from NY and we kept pretty busy running around and probably making her up her dose of birth control. We spent yesterday with Ashley up in La at our friend Tamar's house having a pool party. It was a good time to be with my friends and I just love watching them with my kids. We all met during our  early 20's when life was very different. We went out and partied our asses off every night and spent the days getting weird at art school. Things are a bit different now....

She decided to sleep in her slippers

Tummy time entertainment. 

Tattoos by Olive. 

Doughnuts with Ashley. 

Grass rolls. 

Lunch with a view. 


So so tired. 

Stink face. 

She could totally pull off the mom thing. 

Beach day. 

Sandcastles are serious business. 

Silly Olive. 

Everyone gets pink hair. 

Pool party pooper. 

Early morning scooter rides. 

First very mini nap in his crib. 

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