Friday, August 2, 2013


I got my a-ok from the midwife to resume normal activities. Holy crap am I excited to work out. I've been trying to be creative and do things that are active and make the kids happy (mostly Olive as Otto doesn't have much care where he goes) I don't have a fancy running stroller but I'm thinking that might be a purchase I need to make. We have a bike stroller but its only one seat you have to be able to sit up in it which doesn't work for Otto yet. When I was pregnant I shopped around for a few but in the end just decided to wait to see what we would be doing but seems like it might be fun to have. 

Today we ventured out to attempt hiking. It was a mini hike, less than half a mile. It was pretty steep and the combination of carrying Otto in the ergo and a backpack I sweat a lot. We went on another small one around the same distance so I'm guessing we walked about a mile total. Obviously not the most epic workout but it was something. Olive did really good as long as we made a few snack and playground stops. My goal is to attempt a hike a week, especially while Otto is super content to sleep in the ergo. The weather has been strangely cool for summer here so its kinda the perfect time. 

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Finally maybe have a family dinner. Blake's new job is keeping him there pretty late. I'm happy he has work so I can't really complain (but I can ya know) My favorite thing is our family dinners no matter how crazy they are with a baby on my boob and a wild toddler I love them. I tried to push dinners to later but it was just too hard and Olive was getting into bed way too late. I'm finally figuring out how to cook with the two of them. Olive isn't really a problem as she entertains herself or she is allowed on the ipad but holding Otto is tricky. If he is sleepy I can bring a rocker in the kitchen but for the most part I'm cooking with him in the ergo. Not my favorite but it works. Still trying to figure it all out. 

These are Otto's suspenders but I don't think he will mind. 

This carousel was playing the music from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Kinda awesome. 

Otto's first carousel and my weird face. 

Irvine is bizarre. 

We waited an hour in hopes of getting a ride on the balloon but the wind was too strong. 

We had to wake Olive up from her nap for soccer. Otto was thrilled. 

They got ribbons, they didn't care. 

Dinner. Ribs and Pasta salad.

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