Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stranger Danger

So yesterday we had our first semi creepy stranger experience. I mean I've encountered weird people with my kids but yesterday stuck out. I was getting the kids into the car after dance class and there was a middle aged man 2 cars down putting his dry cleaning in his car. He saw Olive and said something along the lines of "hello little girl, what is your name." Of course Olive immediately responded without hesitation. Then he walked over and asked her for a high five. I immediately grabbed her hand and said we have to go. He walked away. At first I felt super awful like he could of been some nice dude but seriously you don't talk to little girls in parking lots and you especially don't give them high fives. I went through every scenario in my head. Like what if he grabbed her, what would I have done? I mean obviously I'm thinking worst case here but it was weird. So even if he was a nice dude he shouldn't be approaching my kid in a parking lot. So the drive home I tried to explain to Olive about strangers. It was seriously the hardest conversation we've had. I mean how is an almost three year old supposed to understand this? I explained to her that some people are bad strangers and some are good so we have to be careful and we can't always talk to everyone. She told me that yes we can. It was a pointless conversation as she wasn't getting it. It was easier to explain to her how Otto came out of my belly which has been a question she generally likes to ask in public places. So I'm not quite sure how to handle the stranger thing. I want her to understand this so bad because she is super outgoing and has no hesitation in approaching people. Why do people have to be so creepy???

In not so creepy news we spent the last week up in Mammoth with my mom. It wasn't exactly a relaxing trip but it was a ton of fun and we got to do plenty of stuff. It was nice to be outdoors even if we spent most of the time wrangling kids. We hiked, walked, picnicked by a lake, rode a gondola, and watched Olive zip line and horseback ride. Kid is fearless. She is so my kid. I used to be like that when I was a kid but not so much anymore. I think I remember when it switched. I was probably in my very early 20's and I was riding the snowboard park in mammoth. There was a huge jump and I hit it way too fast and overshot it and landed so hard on my head. I can still remember laying there thinking I was going to die it hurt so bad. I honestly don't know how I didn't get a concusion. But I'd say that was my turning point to where I learned shit hurts and I should probably be sorta cautious. Anyways it was hard to get back to reality after being away and I still feel outta sorts but that usually happens after a trip. Olive starts school in a few weeks so I'm trying to work out our schedules with all our activities and get everything set for that. We're also planning her birthday party which is going to be a ton of work but hopefully pretty awesome. Its going to a busy month but I'm pretty excited about it.

Ready for the photo overload??

This one is a happy one. 

Beach buddies. 

I got my hairs chopped and I have lipstick on. It was date night. 


Pool hangs. 

Add caption

My brother and I both can't draw. 

Sonia and Olive. 

Strawberry Picking. 

The funniest little ride around the farm. 

Roadtrip to Mammoth. 

Good little road tripper. 

Finger holder. 

Teenage Olive. 

Top of Mammoth. 

Blue ring pop mouth. 


She got this far and bailed off. Not a fan. 

This was more her speed. 

And this was her most favorite thing ever. She did this for hours! 

My mom is pretty funny. I'm sure Olive will figure this out soon. 

Still hates hiking. 

Lake dance. 

Mountain bang trim. 

Olive and Cutter. 

Wine tasting in the village. 

Feeding the critters. 

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