Wednesday, August 28, 2013

phantom period

I'm having my phantom period, technically the pms part. I have ALL the rage minus the actual period. I mean I guess it makes sense but seriously can a girl have a break?? I kinda blame the heat too. We're in a major heatwave here and I swear its making people mental. Today while driving around people were just insane. I felt like the world had just gone full dipshit. But anyways the phantom period sucks. I knew it was coming last night cause I was just craving sweets like a maniac. I ended up making these stupid gluten free tastes like shit peanut butter not worth the few calorie cookies. Should have just gone full crap eating and at least enjoyed it but I've been on such a good health kick lately and I didn't want to mess it up cause I do really feel good and I'm finally losing my weight (slowly) Although today I would have killed for a pizza and not just any pizza but like pizza hut. I know super gross. Thats like some straight up pregnancy cravings. My hair is also starting to fall out so I'm hitting that part of post partum. Weeeeeeeeeee!

I'm back at kickboxing and as much as I hate it I love it. It's hard not being able to have all my energy and having extra weight but I am sweating like a fool so I know its gotta be doing some good. Today was the first day that I started to get back into a bit of a groove and feel more comfortable although I know I have a ways to go till I'm back to where I was. On monday I was taking off my gloves and some guy came up to me and asked if I was new. I told him I wasn't but had been out for awhile and just had a baby. He introduced himself and then said something to the extent of "Awesome, time to loose that baby weight." and just walked away. I know he didn't mean anything by it as he was super nice but he might as well of told me I was fat. I mean how does he know what I looked like before?? Errrrr. Stupid show off walking around with his shirt off and in like perfect shape. Jerk.

Our a/c decided to take a giant shit tonight. Somehow it flooded inside and all over our carpet and walls. The real pisser is we literally just got a new one installed a few months ago and this is probably the 5th day since then that we have used it. Mostly just annoyed that I will have to waste my day waiting for a guy to come out and fix it between wrangling the kids and missing a playdate. That and our walls will probably have to get fixed. Its just an inconvenience especially when its brand new. That and its hot, like hellish hot tonight. Thinking cool thoughts for tonight and lots of ice water.

Waiting for dance to start. 

Opie likes to eat my basil so Olive took care of business. 

Funny kid. 


The chickens don't really care for tball. 

My sous chef. 

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