Monday, August 5, 2013

feeling fall

i was making lunch for olive and she started climbing the counter so i told her not to, i wasn't mad just nicely asked her to stop. she looks at me and says "don't say fuck i don't want you to be mad." ummmm great. i don't say fuck that often (to her) but apparently i said it when i was mad at one time and she picked up on that. 
Back to normal typing, I had a baby in my hands. The kids are sorta asleep at the same time, super score. Otto kinda went in and out but that was fine. He is just so happy being held. I am so enjoying his good sleeping. Last night he went down a little after 9pm and was up at 4am to eat then went back down till after 8am. I looked back in my blog and Olive was pretty much the same at this age. Things changed when she started teething so we will see if that is the case for him but for now I'm enjoying a full nights sleep. 
After my hike last week I got pretty excited about starting to get my sweat on. We attempted a hike on saturday. Olive was not a fan and Blake had to hold her the entire time pretty much besides the short distance she walked when we showed her how awesome hitting the bushes with a stick can be. It wasn't a total fail as we got outside and it was a really pretty day. Today I attempted another fast walk around the park and that was really good. This time I got smart and Olive went in the stroller and I held Otto in the ergo. It was a bit sweaty and sticky but it felt good to work out. Otto was happy with my fast walking and Olive got to sit in the stroller and talk for over an hour straight. I swear she never stopped talking. We made a stop at the playground for her and everyone was happy. I also downloaded like 7 Jillian Michaels videos. Not sure how I will feel with those but I figure if I can get both kids to nap at the same time I might as well take an hour and work out. Workout videos make me feel like an 1980's housewife but it seems pretty practical since I can't jog with my Bugaboo stroller.
Its' weird that its only August, the air has this weird fall feeling and I think its throwing me off. I get way screwed up with changes in the season. Is that weird? I dunno probably but as much as I love fall I get a little sad for some reason. Probably as a kid as it was a sign school was starting and summer was over. I know I've talked about it before on this blog. I get in a mood or a funk. It fades of course but I just feel it. I think also having another baby I'm trying to feel comfortable in my own skin again, literally and mentally. Like on playdates or with friends I feel off and not like myself. I feel like I can't hold a conversation and my head is just clouded. Like anything it will go away but I've just noticed it a bit more these days as I've been out and about more and back into normal life. I think every few months I go through a lonely phase where I feel like I can't quite connect with anyone and after giving birth it just kinda intensifies that. I'm blaming you fall!!! 
Besides the feeling of fall screwing me up I'm actually excited for it. Olive starts school and I'm actually thinking of putting her for two full days instead of the half days. It's kinda a big deal so I'm tossing it around now. I've been looking up new activities for the fall and thinking of trying out soccer (again) and karate. I think I mostly just have to keep her busy since she has so much energy. I have given up on trying to tire out cause it doesn't work but I'd like the channel the energy to something positive. Poor Otto just gets to be dragged along from place to place for now. I will start him in swim at 6 months old like I did with Olive because I think that was a huge contributor to her loving swim and being so comfortable. 
Tonight one of my best friends gets in from new york to spend a few days so I am so excited. So putting these feelings of fall making me emo and trying to enjoy the last bits of summer! 

Pissed off hiking face. 

But excited she found a pine cone. 

Sword fight. 


Watching Jem for the first time. She liked it but it was way too adult so we will wait a few more years. 

Silly Bones. 

Bones the lover. 

Baby on the floor, Toddler in heels. 

No nap and going out to dinner. Yikes. 

Our walk this morning. Lots of Peacocks. 

Static hair on the slide. 


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