Tuesday, August 27, 2013

pacifiers and miley

I'm listening to Olive sing a song in her bed, actually its been about 30 min of singing. Kid hates to sleep but I refuse to let her drop her nap. Nope, no way, no how. We're in the middle of a crazy heatwave. I guess we are finally getting that summer. Like running the a/c hot which is pretty rare for here. We managed to go for a walk in the park this morning. It was hot as shit but nice and pretty. We've mostly been trying to run errands and get stuff for Olive's party. I can only manage about 1-2 stores with them before someone need to eat, poop, or sleep so getting stuff done is much harder. I'm trying to do everything as cheap as possible which means going to a lot of stores to compare prices. It's annoying and time consuming but I'm getting there. Super excited to get everything and have the party, think it will be a lot of fun if we can pull it off. 

I think Otto is teething like crazy. Seems early but I read they can start now and not pop a tooth for months. I checked and Olive got her first tooth at 5 months. The amount of drool coming from him is insane. I ran my hands across his teeth and couldn't feel anything so who knows. Poor guy. He's been such a trooper especially how he just goes along with all our daily things like a champ. He's a sweet little guy for sure. He has starting laughing and its adorable. Its a goofy little laugh that just makes me smile so much .Olive really gets the smiles out of him. He can't keep his eyes off her, it's crazy how fascinated he is. She is pretty fun to watch as she never stops. I have a confession, I've been giving him a pacifier. I know total hypocrite. I hate it. Its not the idea of what it is so much as I don't want him to get addicted to it. I know most people think I'm nuts as its not a big deal but it is to me. Sometimes it just calms him enough to chill out for a while. Since he's already such a mellow baby it really helps. I know I just need to get over it and I'm trying but it was just something I was so against. But honestly I'm learning to never say never cause you never know. I also have to let go of everything I did with Olive because he is such a different baby. I just want to parent him the best for him and sometimes that means doing different things and being a different parent that I thought in my head. It's silly I know, parenting is weird especially the second time around. I have confidence this time around which I lacked with Olive but I also have more guilt with him because he doesn't get all the attention like Olive did. I feel like I am picking him up and putting him down all day to get stuff done. I know he doesn't know any different and he is happy as can be but I still feel guilty. Mostly I just need to get out of my head. 

Let's talk more exciting things like Miley Cyrus. I mean isn't it my mom blogging duty to talk about her.  I caught the middle of the performance and it was enough. I was mostly embarrassed for her. I mean I get sexy but this just screamed sad to me. I'm no prude so I'm not offended by sex, little to no clothing, or a sexy dance but I felt she just took it to a different place where it just got into that train wreck mode. There was no talent to her air humping everything, it was just stupid. My mother in law sent out a interesting article which was a good read. The more interesting part was my husbands response. This is what he said. 

"That mother is annoying and will probably annoy her kids with that rant.  She'll be lucky if her kid even pays attention to her.  Miley is an entertainer, and judging by the publics outcries and attention, a very good one.  She (and her parents) chose a life of celebrity.  So this was her only choice if she wanted to stay relevant as an entertainer into her 20's.  Lady Gaga was basically naked in the performance before her, and nobody cared.  Miley isn't a normal kid, she's a celebrity and she's simply acting like one.
If she starts giving BJ's for crack, that's a whole other issue.  But she's just following in the footsteps of Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc.  It's show biz, and parents need to teach their kids how to separate themselves from it.  Not try to explain that what Miley did is wrong."

I never even went there and he is so damn right. Maybe as a women with a daughter my first instinct would be to explain to my daughter that Miley is a raging whore and you don't want to look/act like that cause people don't respect that kinda girl but really she isn't a normal person so you can't compare. Not to say this is an easy conversation to have but I get that its a start. We have a few years till Olive is into that stuff but even this weekend when we were at a birthday party (with 5 year olds) they were talking about loving Justin Bieber and when I was watching the girls dance I was a bit shocked. Obviously they were just doing what they saw other dancers do and at 5 they probably don't get the shock value/sexiness of it but its there even at 5. I don't remember caring or knowing about any pop culture at 5 or even close to that age. They have so much more access to it now and I get that but sometimes its a bit scary and overwhelming. Having a daughter is going to be tricky for sure!

Welp as usual I went all over the place in this blog like a total lunatic. To the photos.........

Painting a shirt. Love me some arts and crafts. 

Busted out the cloth. Manly airplanes and a lot of pink. Sorry dude. 

When its quiet something like this is probably happening. Creative little thing and he was pleased. 

I'm back and it sucked like in the I'm going to pass out kinda way. 

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Sorry Otto's face. 

Remy and Otto. 


Sometimes he sleeps with me in the morning. 

Watermelon tour. 

Yellow watermelon. 

Prefers the red. 


Donuts, pjs, and a movie. 

Nola's 5th birthday. 

fro yo. 


I made a funny little feather thing. Thanks to pinterest! 


Super dad. 


Cousins and lipstick. 


Last day of swim. 

2.5 months. 


Hot walk in the park. 

So many peacocks. 

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  1. So funny, Dave and I had the exact same talk about Miley! I'm terrified for Elinor to find out about pop music