Sunday, September 29, 2013

flu poo

I'm kinda weird about vaccines. I've talked up and down and around it on this blog since Olive was born. I made the choice to vaccinate both of my kids because the guilt I would have if they got any of the diseases would just be too much. I know thats not the best reason but it just felt like you could go in circles with the pros and cons. Like anything in parenting I think its best to go with your gut and of course common sense so for me breaking the shots down and only doing two at a time seemed like the right thing. I don't think they cause autism or anything weird like that but I do think injecting a bunch of shit into a baby that can prevent a deadly disease is brutal and probably doing a ton at a time is bad. I dunno maybe it doesn't  matter but for me it makes sense. Unfortunately with Blake's new job we have new insurance and the co pay is ridiculous so my stupid way of doing things is totally costing us an arm and a leg so I don't know what to do. Taking that one each month at a time.

Anyways the whole reason for this post was the flu shot. We went in for a vaccines on friday. I actually hadn't planned on getting Olive the flu shot but the dr suggested it. She said it was the nasal spray and that is was much more effective than the shot but because it was live there was more risk for flu like symptoms. She was so casual about it so I figured why not. She is in preschool and will probably bring home every nasty sick this year so lets do it. That shit backfired and she ended up with the flu or I guess as the side effects say flu like symptoms. I've read a bunch of different sites and I can't actually figure out if the flu symptoms she has are contagious or not. Guess we will find out. She spent last night with a fever and a stomach ache. Blake slept in her bed and said she was up pretty much all night feeling crappy. When she got up in the morning she seemed totally fine. We got ready to head out to Blake's bike race and right before we were heading out the door she just melted down and her fever came right back. Blake ended up going to the race which is a whole other story. I'll spare everyone my husband bashing but lets just say I'm pissed. The morning was pretty bad. Her fever got pretty high and she just wanted me to hold her. It was so sad. She ended up passing out for a little bit which was good as Otto was ready to party. Still trying to figure out how to juggle two when one is needy and sick.  She downed 3 otter pops and then I finally gave in to the meds which helped and she was able to play and not be so sad and sick on the couch. It was just a long day. When Blake got home I took a power nap. I had been up all night with Otto. He was up every hour for some reason. I have never experienced a night like that, not even with Olive. Something was obviously wrong and I'm sure it was teeth. Normally when he wakes up to eat he squirms around a bit and slowly gets into a little whimper. It takes a while for a cry but he was waking up and immediately crying. I had to nurse him back everytime. He did not want to be rocked, he wanted comfort boob. My poor boobs had quite the night. I'm hoping it was just a random night and that will never happen again. Luckily I was so tired that I wasn't tired if that makes sense. 

So I'm hoping the morning will bring a happy fever free kid. Its so hard to decide what to do as a parent. I mean if I didn't give her the flu shot and she got some awful flu how bad would I feel?? Hopefully this "flu" she had will be it and protect her from all the other nasty that she is going to come across at school. I seriously just want a weekend re-do.

I wore this costume for Halloween when I was 3. It took a little bribe to get it on, you know cause its not a princess dress and all. We compromised on the glass slippers. 

Watermelon thief. 

She looks so big here and I actually see me in her face! 


He is trying so hard to roll over. 

Opie is one massive chicken. 

We sat outside while Olive napped and it was just lovely out. Summer is sticking around in these parts and I do love the mornings. The afternoons not so much. 

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  1. Ugh we do vaccinate but I don't like the flu shot. We go again in dec and I bet they push it on us