Thursday, September 19, 2013


Today I was that jerk off that brought my sick kid to Disneyland. I felt bad at first but considering how many times she has gotten sick from that place I figure I'm not the only one that does it. She has a little cold and like any kid doesn't really care to rest so we decided just to go for it. I assume Otto and I will be getting the sick this weekend which should be interesting. Fingers crossed my breast milk is magic and it skips him. Snot aside Disneyland was awesome. My brother met up with us so it was great to have the company and of course an extra hand. There was no one there so we were able to park hop and go on everything we wanted. There are actually a good amount of rides that Otto can go on in my ergo so I could totally do this on my own. He was a total champ and was pretty happy just to go along for the ride. Surprisingly he loved being in the stroller. I've never brought a stroller to Disney before, even with Olive. I usually hate the hassle but it actually worked out well. Since the park was pretty empty it was super easy. The only time he really fussed was on a few rides when he was in the ergo. As he gets bigger he really only wants to be in that thing when he is tired as he will pass right out, but awake he can't see out and I think it pisses him off. He is sooooo different from Olive which is so funny with a second kid. I'm exhausted and my legs are crazy sore with the combination of kickboxing last night and 8 hours of Disneyland.

Everyday she will ask me to lay him on her bed so she can tuck him in and of course dress him up. He doesn't mind at all. 

And of course there is jumping. 

Feeding Otto in the fancy chairs at California Adventure. 

Sofia. Massive head. 

Ferris wheel. The swinging one is the best! 
Sleeping babe. 

The live show is kinda the best thing going at CA Adventure. 

When she talks to the princesses she tosses her hair. 

"I live in Santa Ana."

This smile. 

I've been craving one of these for a year now. The line is always crazy long but today it happened and it was everything I expected and more. 

Nap #2 of the day. 

Preeeetttttyyyyy Cute! 

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