Friday, September 27, 2013

woe is me

I miss this space just to vent and blab about nothing and everything. And a little bitching and moaning with no one to tell me to suck it up. It's amazing how busy life can get. We are pretty non stop around here and sometimes it feels good just to sit down and stare at my computer. This week Olive has decided that she isn't going to nap much so I pretty much just have to leave her in her room and wait it out till I feel she has had enough "quiet time" or till I get annoyed with her screaming at me that she can't sleep. The nap break would be nice but it is what it is. Otto is a great sleeper but a super short napper. He takes about 3 or 4 30 min naps per day. I know this will change so I'm rolling with it. He is getting teeth on the bottom which I think will pop up any day now so night times are a bit fussy with him. He seems annoyed and just wants to chew on something. I've given him a bunch of toys and while he can hold things he doesn't totally get how to maneuver it to his mouth or keep a good grip. He is trying so hard to roll over from his back to tummy. He has mastered the roll over from tummy to back but is getting so close to the other way. He's also pulling himself up when he is laying down at an incline. Better stomach muscles then me thats for sure! 

I'm starting to really fear his teeth coming in. The other night he clamped down on my nipple in a weird way and it hurt so so so so bad and that feeling of teeth biting down on my nipple seriously came back to me so quickly. Funny how birth was crazy intense and I can't really remember that but the pain of a nipple bite makes me cringe and a little reminder brings back the memory of it. 

Most people you talk to are always interested in asking you about the transition from one kid to two. Sometimes I don't even know how to answer as I honestly feel like I'm in a whirlwind of craziness most of the time. Like there is literally not one second where I get a break except when the kids are in bed which is usually pretty late these days as Olive still hates sleep. I remember people telling me that when you have a second kid you will just laugh at how easy one was. I couldn't possibly understand that as Olive kept me on my toes all the time but now I so get that. It's not harder its just more constant and a million times more exhausting. Otto is a super easy baby and is pretty content most of the time but its the balance of keeping both of them happy. Oh and somehow taking care of myself in there which I haven't quite figured out. I took a photo of myself and Otto yesterday and it was the first time I looked at myself and thought holy shit I look old. The bags under my eyes were just super deep and I looked like shit. It was sad. It was the first time I got really bummed out about something like that.  Somehow in there I need to take the time to take care of me. So speaking of no time Blake doesn't get home till 7ish which means he has missed dinner with us and sometimes will miss bath time. I know he wishes he was home and its not his fault but if I can have a woe is me moment I'm fucking exhausted by 7. I know EVERYONE does this and my parents did this before me and there are a million other moms that do this everyday and have it way worse bla bla bla but I don't really give a shit. It sucks and I'm human and I get tired. The American dream is complete bullshit. I love my family and I miss us having dinner together and spending more than 20 minutes before bedtime. There, my woe is me vent is done!!

Cheers to the weekend!

Family breakfast.

Tea time. 

Visits with Ashley. also isn't La Jolla beautiful???

Visits from Andrea. 

Bandaids are now just a fun accessory. 

Little bits of fall. 

His chubby belly and legs are the best. 

All things girly. 

Summer keeps popping in to say hi. 

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