Thursday, September 26, 2013

Olive is THREE

Olive turned 3 on monday and its been a full week of birthday celebrating. I like the idea of birthday week anyhow. The fun started on saturday. We met my parents in Long Beach for a live show of Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Disney seriously knows how to do it. She LOVED it! On her actual birthday she had school so when she woke up we had her birthday table all set and decorated her room with balloons. The first thing she said when walking up was "who made this mess, you need to clean it up." Way to party birthday girl. After she realized how awesome a room full of balloons was she kinda got over it. She requested oatmeal for breakfast and washed it down with a lick of frosting on a cupcake. She opened up her presents (she got rollerskates and a Jake book) and was off to school.

Blake took a half day and we went to Disneyland/California Adventures for the rest of the afternoon and night. She passed out at dinner so I'd say it was a pretty good night. Today my mom was in town and we went back to California Adventures for lunch at Ariel's Grotto. Its totally overpriced character dining but she loved it. The food is actually descent but I think its more about the experience. Before you are seated you get a photo with Ariel and then during your meal a few of the princesses visit your table. She mostly talked their ears off. It was loud so it was hard to hear what she was saying but man that kid can talk. We hit up a few of the rides before heading home. I'd say thats a pretty damn good birthday week!

When I look at her now I see a 3 year old. Her face is starting to change and she just looks like a big kid now. I love watching her come into her own little person but man is it bittersweet. I don't see that baby anymore and sometimes its hard to imagine she was the same size as Otto. Her energy and excitement is contagious even if she can drive me totally insane sometimes. Her personality is strong and she is beyond confident. I love her creativity and fun spirit. I'm so proud she is mine!

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  1. Happy Birthday Olive! It looks like it was a perfect day