Monday, July 9, 2012

photos and more photos

I like to hold two blond babies at the same time.

splash park with sonia.

as much as this kid loves water she was not thrilled with this place.

i'm pretty sure she thinks sonia is her doll.

steamed milk.

scooping all the guacamole in her mouth.

ice cream.

she discovered the dirt and now she digs with the gnome.

lauren showing olive photos of cute baby boys.

karina and lauren and a whole lotta beer.

its her grey gardens look.

big girl seat.

painting toes and fingers. she requested blue toes and sparkle nails.

she was so serious about sitting still and letting them dry.

some days you just fall asleep on mom.

and some days you just pass out naked on the couch.

swimming in puddles.

waiting in line at buffalo exchange. she waited over an hour and a half with me like a champ. there may have been some sugar involved.

on our way to mammoth with a quick in n out stop.

windows down.

hot dog.

the dessert at sunset is perfect.

will post the video later but uncle evan sent us a pretty awesome video with dj lance rock saying hi to olive. every time she watches it she smirks and gets really embarrassed and shy.

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