Thursday, July 19, 2012

call me maybe

I'm back from SF! I've spent the last few days trying to repair my back and avoid Olive's cold. I mentioned it briefly in my last post but I fell pretty bad on my mountain bike when I was in Mammoth for 4th of July. I screwed up my hip but I thought it was fine till last week it started making a pop sound when I walked. It was bad enough that I didn't go to muay thai. Then this weekend I wore heels all weekend and danced like a crazy person and it made everything go ape shit. I woke up monday morning barely able to walk. Luckily I ended up at my parents house and my mom helped push me to see her chiropractor. Turns out my mountain bike fall was way more serious than I thought and I really messed up my body. Super bummer but I'm healing. I'm hoping that next week I'll be back to muay thai and able to bend over like a normal person.

 SF was so wonderful! The girl time was great and Saturday night was the most fun I've had in a long time. We stayed at a sorta cute hotel called the Phoenix. It was fine but in the worst area like super crack head sketchy I'm gonna get stabbed ville. We walked and took the bus everywhere so we ran into many characters. I've been to some dodgy places in my time and even lived in some but this one takes the cake. But with shit areas come uber hip yummy restaurants and awesome bars. I planned on getting on an early flight to get there before everyone so I could roam around town a bit but my flight ended up getting delayed 5 hours then getting canceled. Luckily I eventually got on a flight but in the end I was there later than everyone. Super boo. I met up with the rest of the girls and we got some dinner and went to this awesome little speakeasy with a secret entrance and even a secret door that opened into another room. Sadly we were all just exhausted from traveling and the bachlorette came down with a cold so the night ended early. The next day the sun was actually shining and I think we hit 65! I don't know how people live in an area that summer doesn't exist. We ate brunch around the pool and sipped on the most delicious bloody marys. There were people setting up for Bastille day and a guy playing the accordion so we were pretty cozy and it took us till the later afternoon to get motivated. Once we got out we went to the Japanese tea gardens and had some tea and wandered. Such an amazing place and a great change from city. After our adventure we ended up back at the hotel to get ready. We had plans to go to dinner before the limo was going to get us but we kinda lagged and ended up in the room drinking and dancing our asses off. There is nothing better than shitty pop music and old school hip hop. Finally we got out and grabbed some quick thai food which was delicious. Seriously Sf takes the cake for asian food. We had the limo from 9:30-3 which seemed insane at the time but the night went fast. I don't even know how many bars we stopped at and how much trouble we caused but we did sf good. We got back to the hotel at 3am, ordered pizza and danced a little bit more. Surprisingly I woke up feeling like a champ. Once we got out of the hotel we got some dim sum and I took off for the airport. The weekend went fast but was awesome. I was happy to get home to Olive and Blake. The look on Olive's face when she saw me walk up to the car kinda confirmed how awesome motherhood is. She kept kissing me and touching me to make sure I was real. It was good stuff.

 On to photos......


airport waiting.

first stop clam chowder. coolest carpet ever.

i'm really not this fat but i have about 10 layers on.

Musée Mécanique

Musée Mécanique

the soon to be bride.

party hard. arcade style.

it's not a party without penis balloons.

or penis straws.

cruising the tenderloin.

four barrel coffee. ashley and i snuck out every morning to get our coffee snob on.

pool side.

we made her wear something ridiculous whenever we left the hotel.

i'm not mad.

bacon beer. cool packaging but totally gross.

sometimes we just get weird.

japanese tea garden. ashley, 3rd girl in is 31 weeks preggers and got the most air.

japanese tea garden

pocket drinks.

me and the bride to be.

a penis balloon is always funny.

trouble makers.

a bitch cup is always key.


with a mirrored ceiling.

stop #??

at this point i was ready to throw my heels in the trash. so much pain.

so good.

the next morning at ritual. so so good.

stock  up.

as we were leaving we saw this little girl found one of our balloons. oops.


seaweed rings.

tempura ice cream is this exciting.

i cut her bangs and i'm obsessed. she has sick eyes.

juicing the sick out.

die antwoord??

a few min to cook dinner while she plays with my ipad.

picnic dinner.

Also this song was played over and over this weekennd. For a bunch of girls that don't really listen to pop music it's funny that we all got hooked on this. I cant stop.

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