Thursday, July 26, 2012

water baby

This might be a record, two blog posts in one week. I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of blogging but we'll see. This week has been pretty awesome. I was up at my parents to celebrate my mom's bday and also see one of my best friends and her little one visiting from Portland. Tuesday was my mom's birthday so we met up with my friend Natalie, her kids, and Natalie's mom for a little beach day at Paradise Cove. It's been years since I've been there and it was just as awesome as I remember. The day was wonderful and the kids had a blast. That night we celebrated at The Palm with some lobsters. But seriously, what kid eats at the palm before their 2nd birthday?? The next day Natalie and her crew came over to hang out with Kristin, Quinn, and Kristins mom. Kristin, Natalie, and I have known each other since 1st grade so we've been through a lot together and it's pretty wild we are all moms now. It's pretty amazing to have friends like this. It was cute to see our moms as grandmas now. Shit we're old....

Today I dragged Olive with me to the gyno. I packed the most amazing busy bag for her which I will be bringing everywhere with me. I was seriously proud of it. I even had my ipad if things went bad but she was a little angel. She sat on the chair and colored with her pen while we waited for the dr which was actually only 2 minutes cause my dr rules and when the dr came in she sat on the chair and watched the entire time and didn't make a peep. My dr spends a lot of time talking to me before the actual exam and Olive was totally silent like she just knew. All that anxiety for nothing.

On monday it seemed like Olive's vocabulary totally changed and she could like really really talk. I know that's weird but I swear it was like I woke up and all these words starting flying out of her mouth and she could hold conversations. Like not just one word here and there but lots of words. It's been so fun to watch her say a bunch of new things and communicate. I made the mistake of playing that "call me maybe" song a few times for her and now it's her favorite song ever. She screams "baby" every time we get in the car and as soon as the song ends she requests more. If I don't put it on it gets ugly like yesterday she went into a full on hysterical meltdown. I ended up putting fresh beat band on which she loves too so that helped but holy shit she is hooked. She dances and tries to sing along, totally hysterical. I'm definitely seeing the really fun part of this age lately. The meltdowns and defiance makes it not so fun but I guess it's all part of it.

I can't believe her 2nd birthday is 2 months away. I feel kinda bad but I don't really want to do anything for it. Does that make an an awful mom?? I mean I want to celebrate but I don't want to have a party. My mom suggested Disneyland with the families which I think would be really fun. I think she would appreciate Disneyland now for sure and she would love if all the grandmas/pas and uncles were there. Maybe even stay at the hotel? I heard there was a cool brunch with all the characters and such. I love the idea but not sure as it would be extremely expensive. A party just sounds like a lot of work and I feel like the 1st one was pretty big so maybe keep this year to the family and then go big for birthday 3? I dunno what do people do for birthday 2?

drink stealer. not caffeinated.

paradise cove.

grandma and olive.

olive and nola-bird chasers.


she learned about sitting in a hole and getting buried. so excited.

grandma and olive.

black and white.

serious business.

shrimp and mushrooms.

playing with the lobster.

kristin, me, and natalie.

open water bottle and sleeping baby is a bad combo.

quinn, nola, olive, and gavin.

her outfits just get more and more amazing everyday.

i don't even know.

lately she has been taking her normal nap then waking up grumpy and falling asleep on me. i love the snuggles.

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