Sunday, July 29, 2012


Tomorrow Blake and I are starting a 7 day juice cleanse. I'm sorta excited and a bit nervous. The not eating part makes me nervous especially mixed with working out but I am just going to take it hour by hour and see how I feel. I am not quitting coffee. Most cleanses recommend you stop all caffeine but I don't trust myself as a wife or a mother without my morning coffee plus I think it will be good to get things moving in there if you know what I mean. I will only do one cup of coffee, totally plain. Last night we sat down and made a master list of all the juice recipes that sounded good to us then we made a more detailed list of the 5 juices we are going to make during the day for the week. We decided to buy fruits and veggies for the first three days as today (sunday) was a good farmers market. We were able to get half of what we needed at the farmers market and the rest we got at Mothers's Market. I was able to get everything organic which was pretty important to me. If the cleanse works out I'm hoping I can do a post on the cost/recipes/info. My goal is to keep busy this week and avoid being home. I'm hoping this cleanse will make me feel refreshed and if I can drop a few pounds that would be even better. I just feel bla and gross and I think just getting rid of water weight or whatever gross is in my body will make me feel better and maybe give me more energy!

so much swinging.

hearts on hearts.

fly in my wine.

we rage.

potato on a stick.

dance party.

from mothers.

from the farmers market.


cousins and pretty light.

uncle evan and olive


  1. I lold at you not trusting yourself as a wife and mother without caffeine! I want to try a cleanse but probably not until I'm finished breastfeeding. I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!
    Also I didn't realize we were close to you! We will be back in California in sept. we should try to meet up if you are around!

  2. I just learned I can reply to a comment, how fun! Keep me posted on your visit for sure, it would be so fun to hang out!