Thursday, July 12, 2012

sf bound

Tomorrow I am off for San Francisco for one of my bff's bachelorette party. It's a quick weekend away but I'm excited for some girl time as my other bff Ashley will be coming out from NY. My suitcase is packed with all my winter shoes and like a billion clothes that I will never wear. Seriously though why the hell is it 50 degrees there in July?? I seriously packed a pair of tights. Cold weather aside it should be a really fun time. We have many adventures planned and a ton of good food and coffee to take care of. Oh did I mention drinks?? Of course I have MAJOR mom guilt leaving Olive. I know I know she won't miss me as she will have Blake all to herself and I imagine there will be some visits down to his parents. It will be good to have some friend time and of course me time. I think I mentioned this last time I flew but I HATE flying. This entire week I've had major anxiety thinking about the plane crashing. I would look at Olive and just tear up. I know it's bad like therapy bad but I get like that every single time I get on a plane. I'm not actually that weird girl on the plane that holds on to strangers arms or needs oxygen I just have crazy anxiety before. Ya add that to my therapy!

Also mom stuff aside this is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time. The Ryan Gosling Hey Girl photos are pretty funny but this is even better. While I think he is good looking this takes the cake. Also I'm flying on friday the 13th. Seriously???

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