Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 1

I want a burrito so bad right now, like I can't think about anything else but food. I had to get off Pinterest cause I was feeling insane looking at all the delicious food photos. Ya day 1 of the cleanse has been brutal. I love food, like eating is one of my favorite pastimes. Whatever I'm gross but it's the truth. I was pretty good the whole day until like 4pm and I was ready to go insane. I started to get irritable and my stomach started growling. My dinner juice ended up being really gross so now I'm sitting her starving. I'm hoping tomorrow is going to be easier. The real shocker was I had a ton of energy which I didn't expect. I mean not enough to go to muay thai today cause I would  have passed out for sure but enough to get through the day. Besides the gross dinner drink the rest of the juices today were delicious, they were even Olive approved. I'm really hoping tomorrow is easier and I feel amazing. I've successfully filled up our week with things to do so that we are go go go and I don't have to think about food. A few more days to go..........

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