Monday, August 27, 2012

locked out

After 16 years or so of having a drivers license I have never lost my keys or locked them in my car till today. I can be super flighty but I'm really good about keeping my shit in check. Toddlers change everything! This morning started off a little rough. Olive's latest is losing her mind in the morning if I don't sit and stare at her. I'm totally fine with playing all morning but she gets this idea that she wants to go on my ipad and when I tell her no she loses her mind like the world is ending. That usually sets her off and then when I try to make breakfast for myself she is so beyond pissed off that her bloody curdling cries make me think my neighbors are going to call CPS on me. It's brutal but I keep saying its just a phase. If I get a piece of toast these days I'm happy. Anyways today was just a little rough as mondays always kinda are. I barely made it to swim today because I was lagging big time and getting her dressed now usually takes a little bit of time. She wants to pick 100% of her outfit which I'm cool with but when she requires a swim diaper and a bathing suit and really wants a pink dress (as she tells me) it's tricky. I've learned ways and it's not really a big deal except when you have to be somewhere. Her regular lesson was changed to another instructor who didn't get the memo so she ended up only getting like 5 min of the lesson instead of 20min. She didn't even care or notice as she still got to play in the pool for over an hour but I was annoyed. You get where my day is going. Not bad just annoying. We had to go to the mall so I could get a friend something for her bridal shower. Mission accomplished in less than 30 min.  After that I let her wander around and play in all the fountains. I even tried on a pair of jeans but I will have to go back and really try them on. My shopping days are kinda over with her.  I've never bought expensive jeans in my life. Is $170 totally silly? I am still wearing the jeans I got about 6 years ago. Might be time to upgrade to big girl pants.

 So ya after our day at the mall I locked my keys in the trunk. I always put them in my purse cause I always grab my purse to put on the front seat but I was disheveled and just threw them down. I was trying to wrangle Olive whose only goal was to run across the parking lot. I grabbed my purse and slammed the door. I screamed fuck so loud and you can bet Olive repeated that. Super mom move I know. The good news is I have AAA and they were there in 10 min. Olive was a total champ and sat on my trunk and played with her coloring book. Bad news you can't open my trunk from my car and AAA cannot open trunks. I had to stick a hook through my arm rest with the smallest flashlight and fish them out. I had totally forgot where I threw them but 20 min later I got them. I was drenched in sweat and Olive was covered in lipstick from entertaining herself. It was just an annoying day but luckily after her nap things were fine. We got an early birthday present for Olive from my mom and she was entertained for hours. A really long vent but I sure feel better. Tomorrow will have to be better that's for sure.

Luckily I'm coming off a pretty awesome weekend. We went up to my parents house for a birthday party on saturday. The party was at a farm and Olive got to ride a horse twice so she was pretty much in heaven. We went to my favorite sushi place and I got to eat and drink nice and slow since my mom was a on Olive watch. We had to head home a bit on the early side on sunday but we were able to hang out with Kat, Nick, and Sonia for a few hours before hitting the road. Bloody Mary's were drunk and babies were entertained and worn out. Such a lovely weekend.

sitting on the bed waiting for our carpets to dry. bored! 

dry dry dry.

dance party. 

ice cream for lunch. whatever. 

pb&j slider. food truck fun. 

pointing to my boo boo's. 

gabriel and olive at the farmers market getting their pose on. 

when i showed olive this photo she thought it was my mom. 

mad pup. 

soup in summer. 

discovery center. 

obsessed with wall photos but these toddlers were antsy! 



at the farm. 

she was super into playing with all the balloons and dragging them around. how cute is this 2?

the birthday girl lily and olive. 

uncle jared. 

she found mud obviously. 

udon is her favorite meal ever. 

pool party. 

uncle and olive.

chalk wall. 

so tired that she passed out with her french fry in hand. 

head rubs. 

chalk face. 

yashica t4. mini terry richardson.  

washing herself with fountain water. 

waiting for aaa. 

princess clothes. 

naked laps. 

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  1. ugh! I hate how if one thing goes wrong in the morning everything else in the day just sucks. I'm glad you were able to have a good weekend after that