Tuesday, August 7, 2012

computer suckage

The cleanse didn't kill me but my computer took a giant shit and decided it didn't want to work for a few days. I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to blog till I get a new one cause the software is so old that blogger won't work anymore. Talk about motivation to get some jobs, geez! Anyways the juice cleanse lasted 5 days and it wasn't that bad with the exception of day 2 which was horrible and almost killed me. After that it felt pretty good and I was surprised how much energy I had. I was able to work out no problem and getting through the day wasn't too bad. I eased back into meals and I'm pretty much back into eating anything now but I do feel like I don't crave carbs or sugar like I used to. I think just days of not having it kinda got rid of that taste for it which was a huge goal of mine. Also I list 6 pounds which I totally can't see but in my head I know it so it makes me feel motivated to do more. I'm pmsing like a crazy person now and the cravings are not bad at all. Usually at this time of the month I'll be in the kitchen whipping up some sort of treat but instead I went to kickboxing and ate a healthy dinner and I feel great. I will never stop eating carbs or sweets but I feel  like they were part of the problem I was holding onto extra weigh, meaning I ate too much of them. We eat ridiculously healthy so I'm not too worried about that but my quantity can for sure change. Eventually I will post our plan and recipes.

Back to mommy life things have been crazy. The last two days Olive has been a wild child and testing me beyond anything I can even explain. I feel like its a joke it's just so much. She has really entered that defiant phase and likes to see just how far she can go with it. There are times that I've found I can get my total mom voice on and calmly tell her something and she will listen but that is rare but man it feels good. The has been a really hot week so outdoor activities have been pretty few which means trying to entertain her in the house which I think just makes it a little harder. My mom is coming tomorrow and I'm beyond excited.

Lately Olive has been interested in private parts. While I am not shy or reserved in any way it's still awkward when my 23 month old is pointing to my crotch saying "that????" She points to herself as well and Blake. Blake has been telling her it is a vag and today I told her vagina. She seemed satisfied with that till she decided to ask more questions. "daddy vag?" Actually I don't know if it was a question or a statement but I still told her no and explained boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. Ya my parenting is now quoting kindergarden cop. Mom of the year! My kid isn't even two, why do I have to explain this??? I was hoping this was a conversation for a 4 year old who understood anatomy a bit better. Welp we're there and its quite hysterical. I don't want to call the parts anything weird cause she deserves to know ( I use the word vag all the time which is why blake said it) but it's still a little errrr interesting. So now that she knows how to say vag she runs up to me and points to mine and screams out "vag" super loud which is fine at home but I know my kid and this is going to happen in a super crowded place and it's gonna be awkward. Good times, good times......

big fan of juicing.

things always get weird when i make dinner.



stroll around the block with bagel anna and bagel.

train @irvine park.

this is dan, olive's latest obsession. she rode this horse last week and she hasn't stopped talking about him.

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