Sunday, August 19, 2012

pbr and champane

I've spent the entire night fake online shopping and I'm exhausted. I'm trying to find a dress to wear to a wedding next month and I'm kinda failing. I feel like the older I get the worse I am at making a decisions. I end up pulling up a bunch of tabs then I stare at them forever and order nothing. Total fail. So instead I will eat banana bread and look on pinterest all night.

This weekend was pretty packed and awesome. Saturday we ended up doing a bunch of work in the backyard which was much needed. We're slowly getting the house together and making it feel like a home. Blake tore up a bunch of gross plants in the backyard and started to prep a pretty large area we are going to make into a garden. It was hot as shit but we managed to get a lot done. Olive swam in her white trash pool while we worked. In the later afternoon we dropped Olive off with Blake's family so we could go to a friends birthday party. It was such a fun night and we actually stayed out pretty late (sorry Robin) but it was just so fun to be out and see our friends. I even met the sweetest girl who told me she reads this blog which pretty much made my life. I obviously write this blog for me but it's pretty awesome when someone enjoys it that isn't my mom or something. I'm a terrible writer but I try and be honest about my life and hope that someone else can relate or at least get a good laugh. I read so many mom blogs and I would say out of the 50 or so that I follow I only actually know 3 of the people in real life. Some people my think this is weird but I think it's amazing that we can get glimpses into other peoples life. I mean is it really any different than watching reality tv? Other peoples lives are fascinating cause they aren't yours and watching from the outside is kinda cool.  Anyways, it was pretty amazing to meet Suzie and I'm happy to have her as a reader!

Today was my friend Katie's baby shower and it was pretty fun considering I didn't know anyone besides my friend and one other girl I've met once on a mommy playdate. I tend to be ok in awkward social situations and of course the champagne punch helped too. The shower was sweet and all the details were pretty amazing. I'm usually opposed to second baby showers but this was a really cute one and instead of gifts we were asked to bring a onesie that represented us. The onesies were hung up on a line and Katie had to guess who brought what so it was pretty fun. We were also asked to bring diapers which I thought was a good idea. Blake was down at the beach with Olive and I was going to meet them after the shower but I decided to come home and enjoy some alone time. I melted on the couch for an hour and then I was totally bored. I ended up doing some laundry and making banana bread. Seriously how boring is that? I was just so exhausted and a tad hung over from the night so it was probably for the best.

Oh and we officially planned Olive's birthday and we are doing a family dinner at the house on her actual birthday and then in October we will all take her to Disneyland with the whole family. Today I asked her what she wanted to eat for her birthday and she straight up told me cake. When I asked her what color she of course said pink. So pink cake it is! She is talking so much now and actually combining a few words. I love that when I ask her something she gives me a real answer or has an opinion about things. Well except getting dressed. Uggg. It was so cute at first when she picked out her outfits but now its like a battle everyday to get dressed. She makes me lift her up and we go through her entire closet till she finds something she likes. I'm cool with her choosing a shirt but she insists on wearing pants lately and its been like 100 everyday so pants are just not a good look. When I try to explain to  her that it's hot out she gives zero shits and freaks out till she has the pants on. Ya it's bratty but I've also learned to pick my battles and what she wears isn't going to be one where I win.

I need to figure out this week. I stress out if I don't have plans and nothing to look forward to. We can do one day a week at home but thats about the most Olive and I can both handle. Luckily the weather is supposed to cool down so maybe we can get back to the park or doing little things outside.

And onto the photo overload........

we had some rough patches on friday. 

ikea. we upgraded our frat coffee table to a newer frat coffee table. 

Dave's birthday bash. 

Aimee, Evan, and Dave.


uncle ross and a sleeping olive waiting for us to get home. 

katie, kylie and a baby on the way

banana bread.

fly swatter.

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  1. Hello Jen! It is Suzie! Thanks for the shout out!!! I just figured out how to comment on these things (I read this a few weeks ago when you posted it - cause you are on my blog roll :) ) but thank you so much and you are awesome! This blog and the awesome photos make for a much nicer morning at work!
    I hope it does not take another Dave Crawford bday party to see you again! I would love to plan a ladies date with you and Lauren one day in the future - I am thinking cocktails and laughs?!

    Have a great day! and Happy Bday to Olive!