Thursday, August 16, 2012


I just had one of the hardest workouts in months and tomorrow is not going to be pretty but damn I feel good. Today was pretty insane with Olive and I just needed to get out and away and kickboxing was perfect. As soon as Blake walked in from work I was out the door. Some days that just needs to happen. We had a wonderful day with Kat and Sonia and the Natural History Museum. Such an amazing place and the kids loved it or they loved running around. Either way they were happy. Olive was WILD and loud and her and Sonia just roamed around checking out all the critters and touching everything. They crawled on the floor, they made loud noises, and they stopped for lots of hugs. It was the cutest. It was exhausting but fun. I thought when we got home she would pass out but she refused to take her nap. I depend on her nap for my sanity. The 2 hours or whatever it is she sleeps totally revives me and I feel like I'm a much better mom. It doesn't matter if I'm doing laundry or lounging on the couch the alone time is great and when I don't get that we both suffer. I let her play with my ipad while I lounged, not the best mom move but you do what you have to do. We played for a bit then I made some dinner. She helped for half the time then decided she would play by herself. Usually she is really good and I check on her like every 2 minutes but somehow in that time she managed to draw all over the wall in her playroom. She even came in the kitchen and asked for the sponge for her mess. I didn't think anything of it as she does that all the time and usually just likes to wipe everything down. I didn't realize the mess was the wall. Errrr. Thank goodness for Resolve. I swear I keep that company in business. 
So many photos as usual........

naked rock throwing with tamar. 

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gavin and olive.

dress up shoes. 

dress up. 


waiting for the watermelon tour to start. 

olive and kylie carrot tasting. 

the crew. 

watermelon tasting. 

yellow watermelon. 

amelie and olive checking out the melons. 

the moms and babes. 

avocado pesto. first meal after juice cleanse. 

san pedro. picnic. 

date night and a shit ton of sushi. 

i made homemade pita bread. super easy but took forever. 

testing out the hummus. 

hummus bowl licker. 

toddler meal. tabouli quinoa salad, pickle, plain quinoa, pita, falafel, and hummus. 

this lasted about 2.5 seconds and then she was over the pool and  lounging. 

too hot to go outside means you turn the crib into a trampoline. 

soup face. 

hanging with stella.

zza zza and olive. 

on the train. 

animal shoes.

relaxing lunch with olive. 

grandma (zza zza) was in town so purple dresses were bought. 


girls night out. julie and natalie sandwich. 

olive and charlie. 

olive and max. i have a feeling these two are going to be good friends one day. they share a wild side. 

she wanted to wear her hat and gloves in the 95 degree weather. 
pesto tester. 

we spend at least half our day swinging. 

bbq pizza. one of my most favorite meals. 

blake has been shaping surfboards. olive is very excited about this. 

no nap day 1.

quick park stop.  also where i always dreamed she would go to elementary school. sadly she will not be going here. super boo.  

mostly just my boobs. self portrait on a bike=fail. 


moms and babes bike ride. 

so excited to go in the water. 

natural history museum. 

waiting for the butterflies. 



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