Tuesday, August 21, 2012

preggy clothes and girls night out

First let me say in bold that I AM NOT PREGNANT but that doesn't stop me from looking at cute clothes that I think would be adorable with a belly or without one too. With Olive I bought maybe 3 maternity items and the rest were just big sizes from h&m or target. I don't wear tight clothes normally so 95% of my closet was fine to wear besides my pants. But being pregnant also gives you a little excuse to wear something different, play with layers, and maybe wear something tighter cause hey its not fat its a baby! With fall on its way I've been getting excited about dresses and tights. I know I live in california and fall is just summer minus 5 degrees but I can pretend. Anyways IF I was preggers I would be wearing these three dresses from old navy. Pregger clothes have to be cheap cause spending a shit ton of money for something you only wear for 9 months and then are so sick of and end up never wearing again is just silly. The last four dresses I just love. They are casual and cute and of course could be worn when pregnant. I'm on a mission to find something cute to wear in a few weeks when I go out with two of my best friends hence the random dress post. I know, silly to get a dress for a night out but I really have nothing to wear since I never go out anymore. Plus we're going to LA to my friends gallery show and both of my friends are crazy fashionable and getting a pretty dress is always fun. What to do what to do......   

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  1. That feather dress is adorable! I totally just bought a new dress to wear to a wedding this weekend. I convinced myself that none of my current dresses fit me still. Plus I needed a breastfeeding friendly one!