Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 fuck ya

In the past I haven't made many New Years resolutions but this year feels different. I'm excited to start fresh in a new year. I don't propose anything crazy or want to make major life changes but I'm excited. The slate is clean and I want to make 2014 amazing. I can't really complain about 2013. Having my baby boy was pretty damn special and getting to spend the year being a mom was pretty good stuff. Of course with the good comes the crazy and being fully emerged in mom means I've given up a part of me.  I think this year I just want to do, stop talking about stuff and do it. Easier said then done obviously but I'm putting it out there. Whatever it may be.

I think most important is this damn baby weight that loves me so much that it doesn't want to leave. I got back to my normal weight a month or so ago and then with the lack of sleep and eating like shit I gained a lot back. So ya I wanna be a skinny bitch. This means making the time for kickboxing and eating better during the day. Done and done!

My photography!! Obviously my career has been on hold. While I know many people can manage being a mom and having a career I can't. We don't have the funds to hire a babysitter while I work and my kids are way too busy to just put down and try to work. But that doesn't mean I can't try to get a little of my work in there. I've tried in the past but this time I really want to try and shoot something. I can't get out and plan a model shoot I just can't and the stress isn't worth it but I have two cute kids so I'm going to try to do a stock shoot once a month with them. Easier to talk about since controlling a 3 year old and 6 month old is damn near impossible but I want to go for it! I haven't shot anything new for stock in probably 4 years and I still get money from past work, sometimes a lot of money so I figure I can contribute something to our income then hell ya ill exploit my kids. Kidding. Ok kinda not but ya lets make some photos! Since im not exactly a kids photographer I'm not totally sure this will fulfill any creative outlets but we shall see. 

I don't even know if those count as resolutions or not but I think it's a good place to start. Cheers to 2014!!!

Apple cider cheers and a 1030 bedtime! 

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