Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You are getting sleepy

Of course I never posted this days ago. Just a silly rant....

Instead of so I peed on a stick I think im going to change my blog to so I birthed zombies. Ya my kids hate sleep. Obviously no surprise especially if you've been reading since day one. Sleep is sooo amazing, why don't my kids get that? I joke because really what else can I do. Today Otto slept a total of 25 min. Yes one nap at 25 min. He is 7 months old. What the fuck? It wasn't like we were running around, we were home all day. I literally tried to put him down on like 10 different occasions. All of which he was for sure tired. Nope, kid wanted to party. This has been happening every other day and it's mostly just frustrating. I feel bad for him because I know he's tired but I'm also feeling straight up awful that I can't figure it out. 
And then the nighttime sleep. Brutal. We finally got to the point where we feel comfortable letting him fuss a little. Last night it was awesome. He put himself back to sleep like a champ last night and I only got up once to feed him. He seems very happy and I got more sleep then I have in over a year. I should have known that with kids you can't repeat things. Tonight he did the same wake up and after a few minuets of tossing around he was back to sleep. Success!! Oh no no no then olive decides it's her turn to start crying. She decides she wants me which is fine. I run in and lay down with her and she is still so upset which in turn wakes up Otto. Both kids crying at the same time late at night is hell!! I finally cuddle her get her to sleep then race Into ottos room to calm him. He was passed the whimpering out cry myself back to sleep cry. It went into the coughing cause my throat is dry kinda cry. Oye vey!!! 
So ya when I say kids GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP I mean it. 

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