Saturday, January 18, 2014

A little bit

I somehow missed posting photos from the entire second half of december. Eventually I will go back. Blogging these days is definitely on the back burner. I miss it so much, just blabbing and venting feels so good as I feel like I don't get it out any other way these days. This post got interrupted by a 10pm wake up by Otto. And now it's currently 1am and I'm finishing it up. We've been trying to let him figure it out and fuss a bit but honestly it's just so hard to stare at the monitor and watch. He's teething and watching him in pain is just awful. Getting him to sleep is a totally selfish thing as I'm tired as shit. That and we have plans to go away for a week in May and if he's not sleeping through the night then that's pretty much not happening. I'm sure if he could sleep through the night he would be much happier too. So here's to trying. I know I sound like a broken record.....

On the new exciting news front Otto is crawling! He has the same zombie crawl as olive did. He is quite pleased to be able to her around. It's pretty funny to watch him just go for things. Our house is pretty much all baby proofed so it's all fair game minus all of olives random little toys that show up. Crawling isn't my favorite phase as he's still just so young and I get so nervous about what he will find and put in his mouth. He's pulling himself up on everything. I'm guessing he wil he an early walker like his sister. Oh boy oh boy! 

A few random photos from the first week of January. 

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