Friday, January 24, 2014

Parking lot brawl (ok not really)

*another random post from last week. 

I might be pmsing but I feel like if someone says the word paleo I'm gonna lose my shit. I love healthy food but the paleo rage is annoying. I mean I get if people have dietary restrictions by all means but the word paleo annoys me.  I know I know worry about something that matters. 
Anyways so happy it's Friday. Thursday was a rough one and while today was pretty good by 4pm I was ready to lock myself in my room. I mean I swear when the clock hit 4 my kids turned into evil creatures out to get me. Luckily we all found a happy place eventually and enjoyed the rest of the night or well survived. 
So I got in my first parking lot fight yesterday. Ok maybe not a fight but I went ape shit on some dude. I'm normally not a honker or anything but man oh man I lost it. I was pulling into a spot and I literally stopped to back up cause it was super right and he layed on his horn like I was breaking the law. It shocked me so stopped and he was just screaming at me. I lost it like yelled every bad word I've ever know then gave him the finger with the loudest longest obscenity I could come up with. He was pissed like unbuckled his seat belt and went to get out of car. He must of seen the kids and got back in his car. Oh man I wish he would have come at me. He was this older guy driving a fancy Mercedes SUV probably super rich and fucking miserable. In a hurry to his shitty job I'm sure. It kinda set the tone for the day. That and olive had to go to the dentist and she pretty much tried to take swings at the hygienist and dentist. Followed by tears and arm crossing and so many no ways. 6 months ago she was a champ. We were in and out with smiles but this time she was not having it. $170 later I can only hope it was worth it. I mean is this even normal to cost that much without insurance cause honestly that's like two weeks of groceries for us. Always the money always.
The rest of the day was fine, we had a nice lunch and ice cream out. I just hate when the tone of the day is set so crappy. 
I just feel so tired at the end of the day like so burnt out. I know I'm like a broken record but some days are just so hard. While Blake has been getting home earlier then he was a few months ago he still doesn't make the kids bath time. I never realized what a help that was. Im super lucky that when he comes home he helps so much but the evening is hard. Getting olive to bed is bat shit crazy. There is always screaming from her and usually many tears. Tired mama! Bitch bitch moan moan. 

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