Monday, January 27, 2014

Second kids

It's just comical how different it is with a second kid. Sometimes I feel so bad. Today for the first time in pretty much ever Otto took a crazy long nap. It was time for me to leave to pick up Olive and I had to wake him. When you have a kid that maybe takes two 20 min naps actually having to wake them up is huge and painful. Strike one for Otto. I'm currently putting him down to bed and Olive is running around in the living room with her unicorn costume on. Screaming at the top of her lungs "giddy up!!!"! It's pretty funny to listen to but then I hear "mooommmmmm I need to poop." Otto is half way asleep and I have to put him down to help her cause I can't let her run around with a shitty butt. Ripping him off my boob does not make him happy. Ok back to feeding him and she runs in cause her straps were down and all tangled. Poor Otto. I should probably give my brother a big hug next time I see him and say sorry. 

Today was a school day for Olive so Otto and I went on a run. I'm trying to plan runs on school days and get in a good habit especially since kickboxing doesn't always happen. I've been averaging about 3 miles each time with about half of that running and the rest walking. Baby steps. After we went to the park and played on the swings. I'm really trying to make an effort to do stuff like that with Otto instead of just dragging him along. He's such a sweet boy and generally happy all the time except when he's in the stroller but were working on that. He is having so much fun crawling and getting into everything. He just tears apart the playroom now. Its pretty fun to watch him. Everything goes in the mouth and then he just bangs and tries to make noise. He's started clapping too which is ridiculous cause he doesn't totally have the skills for that yet but it's pretty awesome to watch him try and get excited. He already has scrapes and bruises on his face from climbing everything and slipping. He's crazy!

We didn't have much to do so we came home and did laundry and caught up on some stupid stuff. It's nice to have the time with him even if were not doing much. 

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  1. He seems like the perfect baby...besides not napping. Mama needs a break Otto!