Thursday, May 27, 2010


My latest obsession is strollers. Before I was pregnant I was kinda anti stroller. In my hood in Brooklyn you have to dodge them or they will take you down. But now that I'm pregnant Blake and I will be sitting at lunch of something in a cafe and totally be checking out strollers. We know all the "hip" brands now and I can usually tell what they are from way down the street. My oh my life is a changing. Anyways in our quest for a stroller we kinda had our minds set on the Bugaboo Bee. Its definitely geared towards the urban parents but I think I just like the modern look of it and how easily it folds.

I recently came across the Teutonia which apparently Heidi Klum has. It's actually super similar to the Bugaboo but seems to have a few more custom things you can add to it. I need to borrow a stroller and a baby and take these for a test drive.

All my friends with babies have the Bob stroller which apparently is all the rage in Southern California. I think because it can go off road which means easy for the beach. I think its ugly as shit and I hate the 3 wheels but apparently its a good stroller but lets be honest I'm not buying an ugly stroller. So much out here. I hope my money tree starts growing cause babies are expensive!

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