Monday, March 5, 2012

birthdays and space ships

We survived the sick and actually had the most wonderful weekend. Olive's cold was quick and didn't seem to bother her all so we were able to go to the party and keep pretty busy. Thank goodness for amazing little kid immune systems! The highlight of the weekend was seeing Kristin, Ryan, and Quinn and being able to celebrate Quinn's 1st birthday with them. The party was a ton of fun and it was great to see some old faces and get to spend time with my friends and their little ones. As hippy dippy as I am about food I am a sucker for a kids first cake. I love every second of it. Is that weird? We celebrated till Olive was exhausted and ready to leave. Then to top off the night after the kids were asleep a few of us went out for drinks which was much needed. It's been forever since I've been out with my two friends Natalie and Kristin together since we all live in opposite directions. I also got to have some park time with Kat and Sonia which is always a treat. And of course hang with my parents!
Today we went to the Discovery Museum and it was ok. I think Olive was a little too young for some of it but she seemed to have a good time running around and pushing buttons on things. Some of the installations were perfect for her and she understood what to do but for the most part it was just a lot of running around and climbing and grabbing random things which is fine. I think she liked watching all the big kids running around. I did not. It was way too crowded but Olive didn't seem to mind. Hoping that we can enjoy the rest of the day playing outside before the rain comes over the next few days!

i gave her my old troll dolls and she LOVED them.

sierra does not.

she fell asleep while watching Elmo. a rare moment but I loved it.

snacking on some kale.

ear rubs.

grandpa's ride.


morning walk to feed the ducks.

quinn getting crazy with her cake.

Natalie and Kristin.

we're out with no kids and it's dark out!

sonia and olive.

grandma and olive.

hugs on a duck.

more hugs.

outside dinner.

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