Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sometimes at the end of the day you just want a big pink magical fairy to pop out of nowhere and give you a big hug and tell you that you did a wonderful job today taking care of the kid and that dinner was a real hit even though you had a toddler screaming at your ankles and there was no food in the house. I think sometimes as stay at home moms we miss that pat on the back and that recognition of doing something really good. Obviously the reward is being home with your child and watching them grow but sometimes those kind real words just feel good, not gonna lie. When I worked as a photographer there was nothing better than getting an email back from the photo editor saying how much they liked the photos. A few simple words but it felt great. I just had this conversation with my friends the other night (who are all at home now) and while being at home is great we all agreed that we missed that feeling of a sense of accomplishment that you get from a job. I wouldn't change my situation at all but just little things I think about here and there. Speaking of proud moments I had a serious awesome dinner moment tonight. You see, I don't meal plan. The idea of it freaks me out just like packing for trips. I eat and dress solely based on mood so meal planning is out of the question for me. Plus I try and shop at a farmers market for all my veggies which means I buy according to season and what looks best. Anyways the  night before I made quinoa with lentils and a sweet potato/califlower puree. We had leftovers and since I hate wasting I wanted to try and find a way to use what we had. My new thing is making everything into a patty and that is just what I did. I added the puree to the quinoa and then added some mushrooms, onions, egg, and some spices. I don't think Blake was as excited as I was but I thought they were amazing. The last few months I've really been learning to use what I have. I hate throwing away wilted veggies at the end of the week so I do my best to use up everything I have. I'm not sure what is sillier, that I just did a whole blog post about what I made for dinner or that it was my proud moment for the day. Momlife is funny.

Today was a really nice day and definitely one of those days that made me feel happy to be where I am. I met up with two friends and their kids at the zoo. I've been a little bit anxious lately with Olive cause I feel like she is so wild and all over the place compared to other kids so I'm kinda hesitant sometimes. I know that's silly, I mean these girls are my friends but still it's hard when you're the mom that has to wrangle your child for the 1000th time and can't have a conversation cause you are too busy chasing your child that can't stay with the other kids. Obviously it's all normal stuff and not a big deal but mom's with "busy" kids will understand this. Luckily one of my friends kids is pretty similar to Olive in personality which made it a little easier. The other one is so easygoing and amazing to hang out with so she just rolls with whatever. So when you have kids not only do you have to make a whole new set of new friends but you have to choose mom's that you like and then also have it work out that your kids get along. Geez!!! The day really was good and these mom's are good people and I feel lucky. Also the kids are actually kinda sorta starting to interact with each other which is pretty adorable.

Must look cool eating kale chips.

Blake has a kill room. While I do kickboxing he shapes a surfboard.

She opened the shoebox and screamed she was so excited.

She walks way better than I do in heels.

No walking, only running.

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  1. I totally agree with you and would like to be acknowledged every once in a while too! So good job mama!!!! Olive is so freaking cute and I feel like I can hear her laugh by just looking at her pictures!